5 Effective Ways To Stay Fit & Warm In Winters With Yoga

They say a new year is for new beginnings. Just like every resolution, one of the most common ones is that everyone wants to be fit. It’s 2020 and this winter, you will need to stay motivated if you are serious about your fitness journey.

Winters can be a pain, mainly because the friggin’ cold weather hardly motivate to get out of bed and exercise. But, there’s one thing that truly helps. Yoga is your cue here. It is an effective way to shed weight. Science has also explained how yoga helps adds a protective layer on you and keeps you warm with its techniques in winters.

If you think winter chills are unbearable, you can instantly dip your toes in yoga. Here’s how it proves to a powerful routine so you stay relaxed, irrespective of the cold winds.

1. Just Get Moving
Firstly, you need to let go off this one thought that exercises or yoga takes up time. No, everything has something good in store for you. To not feel overwhelmed, just get going, move your body and begin.

You can practise it at home as well and the best part is that you can do it as and when you like it, ranging between 10 to 30 minutes. Feeling stressed out or anxious? Get into a child’s pose or boat pose and feel better. Yoga tells you to move, take deep breaths and meditate. It builds your focus, calms your mind and allows you to see a bigger picture. Conquering your to-do list is now easier than ever!

2. Designate A Spot For Yoga
A dedicated spot in your house for yoga is likely to make you stick to it. Choose an area of your house where there is silence, where you know that you are unlikely to be bothered. You can leave your mat there and make it accessible stat. Roll it out and just begin.

Have your room surrounded by aromatic candles or flowers, as it will remind you of a beautiful scenario while practising it. It makes it easy for you to put your mind into it. Yoga in winters in your happier space sounds like a good plan. Subscribe to an online channel and stay committed to it whilst also staying warm!

3. Schedule Your Routine
Maintaining a schedule in your calendar for yoga will help you follow it ardently. Once you have aligned your work in place, take out time for practising it. It doesn’t matter how much time you can dedicate to it but doing it even for a while can do wonders.

It will help you stay focussed and appreciate your well-being. Not just that, yoga also has its power on your sleep schedule. So, the more you practise it in winters, the more it will benefit you. The practice becomes should eventually become a habit for you!

4. Ayurvedic Tea
Has anyone ever told you about the bliss of enjoying a cup full of ayurvedic tea? If not, let us tell you that it helps relieve stress levels. Bring home ayurvedic tea and let it make you feel fresh. Boil it and pour it in your thermos or a cup. Add thin slices of ginger, cumin seeds, black peppercorns and mint leaves to it. Stir it and sip it slowly. Doesn’t it sound tempting already?

5. A Simpler Starter
From kundalini yoga in India to yin yoga to hatha yoga, there are many programs you can try out, any version that you feel comfortable with.

Here are a few simple poses that will keep you warm and are also super easy to follow:

1. Cat-Cow
It’s a wonderful way to warm up your spine, especially in winters. The asana flow from cat stretch to cow pose has many powerful benefits that can help your mind, soul and body. Inhale while you are in the cow pose and exhale in cat pose.

2. Downward Dog Pose
From Cat cow pose, you can move onto the downward dog. Stretch your legs backwards and put your hands ahead while extending your torso. This asana gives your overall body a good stretch and generally wakes you up.

3. Backbends
When you wish to gain more energy, try bending backwards. Do it either with your knees or in a standing pose. Inversions are a great way to warm up. Even handstands or legs up the wall can help the blood rush back into your body, making you feel protected and warm in winters.

4. Savasana
The most important pose to end it is savasana. Turn off the lights, lay down and close your eyes. Open your arms and legs apart and relax every part of your body. Stay in it as long as you like and then slowly open your eyes. Come back to the seating position.

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