5 Tips to planning a great retreat

Planning is always a process, that you get better with time. In some cases lots of time.

Why do I do it?

For me I get a warm feeling when I am able to organize and create excels filled with various information, checklists, budget sheets, itineraries and seeing all these unite to create an experience.

Even though the experience is created by a group ,for each person it is intimate and unique.

That’s what brings me joy, uniting people so they can experience someones gift, talent, and presence.

Here are some quick tips that will help you ground running and provide a better experience when planning your first retreat.

1. Start small.
I know a villa in Bali or Costa Rica sounds amazing space to host your first retreat. Why not make it a week right? This is a great goal to work up to but I always suggest a small beta test when planning a retreat.

Crossing international lines can be tricky, there are many factors to take in. By starting small you are ensuring that you get everything nailed down before expanding. Stay local or a couple hours away, this will provide the ease of knowing it’s close to home. Also your connections are stronger.

2. Less is more.

Yes a week in a jungle doing yoga on the beach, surfing, massages, meditation and more sounds amazing. It sound better then it is. You want to provide the guest with activities but also with much needed downtime.

People go to retreats to get away and focus on what is going on inwards so throwing them into a busy schedule is not always going to create the experience.

Know that you will be thanked for giving them extra time to sleep in, journal and connect with themselves and the community you are building.

3.Budget, Budget.

Make a realistic budget and STICK to it as hard as it can be. The biggest expense will be the stay also be flexible with the location, it is not worth ending in the red because you had to have that killer view.

4. Trade.

Yoga is a community where people love to give and trade is a well used currency. Trade retreat slots for an extra teacher (trust me you will appreciate the rest). You can also trade for extra hands not only for adjustments but to help with the group.

5. Sponsors

Become a ambassador for your favorite brand you can include the mats, towels and goodies in the retreat package to add extra incentive, not to mention fun additions to your own yoga bag.

Bonus Tip!

Have fun! This is a learning experience remember to breathe and enjoy every moment of it. Enjoy sharing your gift with the wonderful community you are going to create.

Have feedback? Email me at: info@consultingnomads.net

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