6 Steps to Land a Yoga Job Overseas

It can be nerve-wracking applying for an exotic yoga teaching job. It can also be kind of boring, monotonous and confusing. For me, the first Yoga Trade application process was filled with thoughts like these: “Well… I’ve only been teaching for a year, am I qualified?” “I’m sure there are so many people who want to apply. Is it even worth it?” “On the other hand, maybe nobody wants to teach in Costa Rica this year. I should probably just be super casual about it… Right?” Maybe you feel the same.

Well, whether you’re full of optimism or feel like you don’t stand a chance, here are 6 simple steps that can help you land a yoga job overseas.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams…”

1. Choose wisely

You can’t have your dream job if you aren’t a little bit selective. Finding an intention for your time abroad will help you narrow things down. What is your aim? Is it to serve? Maybe, you want to work at an eco lodge associated with an animal rescue. Do you want to focus on living a more sustainable life? A permaculture resort and farm could be a great place for you to learn more. Do you just want a break, solace, refuge and spiritual reboot? Perhaps, you should look into a quiet retreat center with vegetarian food and daily meditations. This intention will carry you through all of the decisions you make. So, find your cushion, sit down, close your eyes, breathe deep and get clear.


2. Express yourself with a vision board

It all starts by giving the person on the other end of the computer screen a clear and personal view of the amazing you. Think back on the intention you set above. Pick 3-8 images that visually express your vibe along with the intention for your time abroad. These can be anything. Use patterns, places, faces, art, etc. Then, find some words to describe yourself(i.e. fun, artsy, silly, spiritual, calm). Lastly, pick 3 colors repeated in the imagery above. You can print images out and pin them to your wall or create a digital collage. While this may seem arbitrary at first, it’s so important for the look and feel of your brand. If you don’t decide what your aesthetic is, Microsoft Word will decide it for you and no one wants that.

Below is an example of a vision board that I created for my most recent trip to Costa Rica. The words I used were service, peace and adventure.



3. Turn those images into an awesome resume

A clear, concise and beautiful resume is key for showcasing all you have to offer. To turn your brand into a resume, I recommend using a site called Canva for simple and eye-catching designs. Check out their Resume Guide, to start designing your resume. The key is customizing all of the info and styles to fit your look. Maybe the words you used above were fun, silly, and simple. To visually translate these words, you might want to pick two fonts, a standard like Helvetica for the body and a more whimsical font for your headlines. You could change each headline to be one of your brand colors or use colorful shapes to outline your headings. Keep playing until you’re happy with the result.

It’s worth noting that a web presence in the form of a simple three page website with your info, photos and experience can be a way to showcase all of the above in a professional and interactive format.

Not sure what to include on your resume? Here’s a link to check out, http://www.iseek.org/jobs/resumecontents.html. Make sure to include any additional information that could qualify you, for example languages you speak and courses/workshops that you’ve taken.


4. Update your Yoga Trade profile

Input your basic info, experience and qualifications on your profile. Linking a Facebook profile isn’t a bad idea either. The more info you give, the better. This saves miscommunication open both ends and creates a better fit. Make sure to have a high quality photo for your profile picture, a yoga shot with some personality and a view of your beautiful face.



5. Be intentional and purposeful in your interactions with future employers

When intentions aren’t aligned, you won’t get the most out of your experience, and when you’re job fishing, your intention won’t come across clearly. After visiting the opportunities website, tailor your application message to specifically address whomever is receiving along with what has brought you to them. It could look something like this, “Dear Ocean Sol Resort – I am very interested in traveling to Costa Rica. I have a love for all things sustainable. I see from your website that you have a farm, composting toilets, and rainwater harvesting. I would love to see how it all works and learn from you during my time abroad.” Keep it short and super sweet.


6. Polish out the details

Reread the posting for details about requirements and timing. If the posting wants an individual who is fluent in Spanish and available for mid-May, your availability in June and your desire to learn Spanish isn’t exactly what that posting is looking for. Not saying it won’t work out, but you will probably need to make a strong case to be considered. Be professional and personable in all your emails and proofread, please.

When you’re finished, do a quick overview of everything to check for balance. Make sure you connect your high-up dreams and aspirations with a down low groundedness and clarity of your skills. How do you hope to show up emotionally and practically everyday?

Yep, you may have a lot to work on and that’s okay! Good things take time, energy and attention. Let me know if you have any questions by commenting below and share this article with a friend who could use a little motivation to get going.

“… Live the life you have imagined.” – Henry David Thoreau





Meg Jamison is a yoga teacher, brand designer, and Spirit follower. Meg loves helping others uncover their incredible story and using their skills to be of service. Connect with her at megjamison.co and on follow her journey on Instagram @megjam_.

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