A Chocolate Life

A Chocolate Life

I absolutely adore living in the lush, tropical environment of the Costa Rican rainforest. Life here is filled with such exotic, intimate & fulfilling experiences – sweet morning serenades from the parakeets, the golden essence of my skin from the sun’s continuous kisses, the dance of the North Atlantic whales on their yearly vacation. Of my favorite pleasures is indulging in a rich, sweet bar of cacao.

Tropical fruit is a divine gift; cacao *personally* being one of the richest of them. Sweet on the inside with a nourishing nib at its heart, it’s the fruit that gives us chocolate. Through an intelligent process of heating & fermentation, the seeds of this magnificent fruit are transformed into the most famous treat on the planet.

The natural energy of this cacao rich environment continuously reminds me of the impact of the law of attraction. What we focus on, we cultivate more of. What we feel, we experience more of.

You know that feeling when you bite into a chocolate bar? When your taste buds are energized, your heart is satisfied & your soul is delighted? Life gives us so many opportunities to feel just as energized, satisfied & delighted. What would life be like if we chose to focus on & intentionally feel more of that energy? If we choose to see it as such, life can be one chocolate moment after the next, and if we acknowledge them to the best of our ability, we can put ourselves in a place to receive more chocolate than even Willy Wonka could bare.

A breathtaking view? What a chocolate moment.

A minute of silence from the kids? Chocolatey indeed.

Thinking of someone and they call? Cocoa crazy.

The cacao experience reminds me of so much luxury; the luxury of living in the same environment as the food that sustains you, the luxury of having a relationship with the person who manufactures your treats, the luxury of supporting your community being the byproduct of indulging in deep self care. This is not your average Hershey bar.

The organic and local cacao comes without all of the extras – without the animal products, preservatives, & chemicals that we’ve been used to enduring just to enjoy our dessert. However, it can come with the type of extras worth adding in: fresh ginger, almonds, coconut shreds – an unlimited menu of the good stuff. It’s a reminder that in focusing on the chocolate moments, we can release the things that no longer serve us and fill the space with acknowledging the presence of what we truly desire. In this chocolate moment, indulgence comes without guilt. In this chocolate moment, enjoying creates more to enjoy. In this chocolate moment, pleasure is a healthy, healing experience.

So much of our thought energy is often invested in ‘what would make this moment better’…by shifting our focus, we can cultivate ‘what makes this the best moment’. There’s chocolate to be found in every situation, even in the bitter circumstances. It’s the process that makes it sweet – while you can bite cacao nibs directly from the pod, they’re bittersweet; even once fermented, roasted & processed, the chocolate itself is still very bitter. A chocolate life is about trusting that the bitter moments mean that we’re in the process, and that there is so much sweetness that awaits us.

Cacao in its bitter state, before a sweetener is mixed in, is one of the most potent healing tools in indigenous & holistic medicine….a reminder that those bitter moments provide opportunities for healing & love to enter. When you think of what cacao is good for, think all things heart (including all things blood, as the heart is the purifier of the blood in our bodies). Both on a physical and spiritual level, the fruit assists in making our channels clear, and ensuring that we are healthy vessels for life to happen through. Chocolate moments are not only about purifying our heart space, but about accepting that we are always in the perfect position for life to happen through us.

Even with the added sweetness, the fruit is still renowned for its healing properties (told ya, its pleasurable AND healthy). Cacao ceremonies are held all over the world, where a more pure spin on hot chocolate is served with the intention to cultivate love. I participated in a cacao ceremony for the first time 2 years ago in Washington, D.C…not knowing that the couple who harvested & transformed that cacao would be my friends and neighbors a few months later in Costa Rica. The power of cacao is as strong as our power to cultivate a life full of chocolate moments. There are legends, myths and traditions of all kinds surrounding the remarkable fruit; even one ancient story claiming that we humans originated from cacao (can’t be that far off considering that human DNA & banana DNA is over 60% identical).

And like the cacao, we must remember the importance of the seed. Chocolate is derived not from the sweet fruity pulp of the cacao, but from the seeds underneath. The seed of love at each of our cores is what makes a chocolate life possible…the seeds we plant and nourish make life a delicious, invigorating, and fulfilling experience.

So what does it mean to cultivate a chocolate life? Soak up as much chocolatey goodness as you can in each moment before your mind moves to the next. Take every opportunity to enjoy & indulge in the now moment; see it as more than enough. Create momentum for even juicer, happier, joy filled moments to unfold. And, let every moment be as nourishing, healing, and heart opening as you can bear to allow.



A philosopher who see’s life as art, Majesti has been called to be an expression of a holistic & evolutionary perspective of the human adventure. Currently at home in the jungles of Costa Rica, Majesti is committed to cultivating a life full of intimacy, authentic expression and the restoration of our natural state of being.

IG: @yesyourmajesti 


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Majesti Magdalene
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A Chocolate Life

I absolutely adore living in the lush, tropical environment of the Costa Rican rainforest. Life here is filled with such exotic, intimate & fulfilling experiences – sweet morning serenades from the parakeets, the golden essence of my skin from the sun’s continuous kisses, the dance of the North Atlantic whales…

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