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Yoga is now a global phenomena – and there is room for everyone.  While steeped in rich traditions, yoga is also very much alive and adapting keenly to the needs of our modern humanity.  With this surge in interest, bountiful opportunities await to teach to every corner of the world.  Yoga Trade aims to both connect instructors with this burgeoning new world of opportunity and to make it easy for organizations to find quality instructors to work with.

It seems that everyone one is or knows a yoga teacher nowadays, and it’s true there are definitely more than ever.  But likewise, and fortunately, everyone is a student as well.  Yoga is being taught everywhere – community centers, offices, stand-up paddle boards, mountain tops, churches, high schools, prisons.  It seems to find a following wherever it is taught.  This is the incredible state of yoga today and there is no end in sight.Erica & Pat

Erica (founder of this project) has spent years traveling and teaching between the states, Central America, and Asia.  Through her experience, two things became very clear to her:  It could be much easier to find teaching opportunities and to locate interested instructors.  It was out of this simple observation, over dragon-fruit smoothies in Bali, that Yoga Trade was born.

Erica had just come from teaching in the Mentawai Islands, and my partner Christie and I were happily on the trip of a lifetime while away for the rainy season from our small yoga retreat in Costa Rica. What we all agreed on, and often found ourselves saying to friends is that the world is full of amazing opportunities and possibilities – that there is a path for everyone if you follow your bliss.

Easy to say you might think, but it couldn’t be more true as far as we’re concerned.  We can’t make it happen for you, but our goal in creating Yoga Trade is to make it one step easier for you on your own path, wherever it may be taking you next.


Yoga Trade
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