Check out Yoga Trade friends, Olympic Medalist Jaime Komer and former Professional Athlete Matt Komer. They are super duper inspiring and embody an authentic and healthy lifestyle by sharing yoga & ways to sweat around the world. Their newest project, Athlete. Yogi. Traveler. is definitely worth a gander and will touch your heart!

Here’s what they have to say about their passionate project in their own words:


“Athlete at Heart. Yogi by Practice. Traveler by Nature.” This is who we are. “Explore, Connect, Sweat, Share, Uplift.” This is what we do.

“We share yoga to inspire health & positivity around the world.” This is how and why we do it.

Welcome to the Mat Movement by Athlete.Yogi.Traveler!

Athlete.Yogi.Traveler (AYT) started as a concept of sharing yoga, combined with traveling, and active ways to sweat in unique locales. We blogged our way through 15 days & 15 Ways to Sweat on a New Zealand adventure in 2012. Think: half marathon, SUP Yoga, gorgeous hikes, sweating like a hobbit, and such. Little did we know that this trip would be the catalyst for our entire company and creation of our passion, The Mat Movement.

The Mat Movement directly links sharing yoga with a community, team or organization. This might be from our backyard of California, to third world countries like Rwanda and Cambodia. Jaime teaches different levels of her Olympian Yoga & Pilates, and when possible, we provide Yoga Tools (e..g yoga mats, videos, etc) to help support their continued practice.

We created the AYT Experiences so that we all have the opportunity to have genuine local experiences and take our yoga practice off the mat (literally and figuratively). This is not your typical “yoga retreat”. In fact, yoga is only part of this experience. We’re sharing a lifestyle. And a positive one, at that!

We research special locations throughout the world, build an awesomely unique AYT Experience trip package, New Zealand, Roys Peakwhich involves connecting with communities, experiencing local, and getting outside to sweat (including daily Olympian Yoga & Pilates sessions by Jaime). And of course we’ll add a splash of “Mat Movement” to spice things up.

Olympians, kids, yoga, and sports, oh my! Kids Play International is an Olympian founded and Olympian led organization that we recently became Trip Leader / Consultants for. We lead their Volunteer Trips in Rwanda and soon to Cambodia (2014). This They use Sport as a catalyst to promote gender equity in communities impacted by genocide. Jaime recently introduced yoga to several communities in Rwanda, including adding yoga to the Kids Play International’s weekly curriculum!

With more opportunities to travel and teach or practice yoga throughout the world, we recommend connecting with your local yoga community to see what options are available. If not, hop online, and search the location you’re interested in (include “yoga” as a keyword). Hey there,! We have seen a rise in various options around the globe to go on a “yoga retreat”. Or if you’re keen on a unique, yoga influenced experience, get a hold of us. We hope to see you off the mat and around the world!

For more info contact Matt and Jaime at:


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