Being Genuine

We are made up of molecules. All of the parts of our bodies are created by the multiplication of our cells. This goes for our emotions as well. Every single thing we think becomes a part of our reality. Multiplying ideas literally vibrate out from our individual entities. These are expressions and emotions. To keep clear on the subject matter of who you are and how you want to operate on this beautifully wild planet, there is a solemnity to ourselves that must be a veritable truth, this in itself is the act of being genuine.

To create the harmonious balance that we want so much to see in the world, we must deliberately LIVE THAT HARMONY.

Create positive thoughts and they will multiply.

What better a way to create harmony on the planet than by starting with our own thoughts! Create your harmony, be genuine.

Here are a few practice tips to incorporate into your day today:

Be integral with your word. And the easiest way to remember to do that is:



Go ahead give it a try. Take a micro moment to rethink what you are about to say to the next person you are about to speak to. Be inside of yourself while making any decision.

Another sweet way to activate your positive emotive multiplication is to do something different today – something you wouldn’t normally do. Take a walk and ENJOY the fresh air CONSCIOUSLY — and maybe for the entire duration of your walk. Have intention with every step you take, confirming that yes, my left foot is touching the earth, and how wonderful that is!
You could even go so far as creating a mini-mantra just for this jaunt.

“I am living peace, all is well in my world”

“The beauty of creation surrounds me, I am safe”

The most important personal task is to become a master of yourself, and if you have to fake it until you make it, then so be it! Taking steps to a healthy mind helps brings balance to the network of the planet.

Let the old witch’s credo be known: “DO WHAT YOU WILL and HARM NO ONE” and that includes yourself. Let your positive multiplication begin with you, think of all the incredible love and energy that has gone into making YOU, that’s right, every ounce of water, every vegetable, every cup of tea, into you, and then every single ounce of everything that your parents, grandparents, great grandparents and all way back to your distant ancestors lives that now are all wrapped up in YOU.
The fact that you are sitting here right now reading this is a testament to the miracle of reality!
You have come from a very very long line of miracles. Embrace it, know it, be genuine, and create harmony.





Abby Tirabassi: artist, ocean lover, born on the gulf coast of Florida, shovel bum in California, surfing in Costa Rica, finding joy daily.


IG: @scrambby


Cover photo: Megan Kathleen Photography

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