Beyond the Mat

I recently became a RYT through Hollywood Market Yoga, a local studio in my town. This studio is magical, and serves as a second home for me. It provides a safe space where I can forget about my to-ellie2do list, forget about difficult times I am working through and just be myself. Every inhale I take on my mat fills my body with fresh energy, and every exhale relieves me of the energy that isn’t serving me. Throughout my teacher training, I was able to meet some incredible people who were on a similar path, in search of clarity in life. We connected beautifully and I felt so incredibly blessed to have stumbled into such a safe and loving space.

When training came to a close and I became certified, I was so thankful and excited to share my light and love with the world through the yoga practice. It was bittersweet to realize that these amazing people who had become family to me wouldn’t be seeing each other all the time anymore at the studio, but I think the biggest challenge I face is reminding myself to keep my yogic energy strong when I leave the studio as well; keep the love and light shining when I walk out of the door and face the external world. I’ve put together a list of mantras to carry with me off of the mat.

1. I am love

I do not need to be told that I am loved every day, because I can tell myself not only that I am loved, but that I am love. I have the power to love others and offer my energy to the universe. If I approach each situation with love in my heart and my intentions, I will know that I did my best. I was the best version of myself.

2. The universe knows, trust the universe

When things feel messy in my head, when the world doesn’t seem to make sense, when things no longer feel harmonious, take a step back and trust. The universe knows. It has a plan for me, and the “coincidences” in my life are there for a reason. If I trust that the universe will provide, I will no longer live in fear.

3. Let go of what no longer serves you

It is okay to be me, to have expectations, to have goals and dreams and thoughts that are unique to me. When something or somebody leads me to change who I am and I begin to feel a disconnect from myself, that life force is no longer serving me. Let go. Utilize the ellie1energy spent changing who I am to reroot in my own unique existence and know that all things happen for a reason.

4. Listen and Observe

In this world of chatter, taking a moment to listen or observe can open my mind and heart to the world. I am able to see the intention behind actions, see the pain or passion in someone’s eyes and gain a deeper understanding of the people and space around me. I don’t always need to fill empty space with words, thoughts and opinions. I can find serenity in the silence.

5. Finally, don’t let the world bruise you

People will doubt me, people will make assumptions, draw conclusions or develop impressions that I did not intend but I cannot let it cloud my vision of the beauty in this world. I will not be battered, I will not be bruised, I will remain true to myself and let my light shine, even through the dark.

These are my mantras that I am beginning to develop off the mat. I think that everyone has unique practices and beliefs that help them, but if you don’t, encourage a search ellie3within, to find the challenges you face, and remind yourself that you are worthy of love. I believe that we can radiate the positive emotions we create on our yoga mats and truly make this world a more kind and safe place for everyone.


Yogalu (Ellie Morgan) is a yoga teacher from Boise, Idaho who strives to offer healthy and happy energy through her yoga practice, writing, and photography.

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