Article Writing Guidelines

Yoga Trade is a resource for the yoga community focused primarily on content related to jobs, travel, and volunteering. We are also interested in content about sustainable living, adventure, cross-over sports,  health & wellness, meditation, and happiness. All contributions should aim to address such topics and offer useful insight.

What We Will Publish

  • Yoga Travel Writing
  • Stories from Yoga Trade experiences
  • Expert knowledge sharing and opinion pieces
  • Experiences with Yoga cross-over sports like surfing, climbing, etc.
  • Food articles as they relate to healthy yogic living
  • News, current happenings, viral stuff
  • Occasionally objective product reviews

What We Won’t Publish

  • Articles that have been or will be published on other websites
  • Overly self-centered personal blog-style articles
  • Promotional articles, self-marketing or biased product reviews
  • Anything that has the purpose to optimize for search engines

Content & Structure

  • All articles should be 300-1000 words
  • Have clear and engaging titles
  • Use paragraph form
  • Offer some observation, inference, solution or insight into the the subject being addressed
  • Subheadings and numbered lists can be very helpful in organizing your work
  • Make sure you have the rights to any included images or add a link to your source