Deep Ecology of Wellness GIVEAWAY!


Today is December 18th, 2018 and we have picked the winner at random. Big CONGRATULATIONS to Yoga Trade member @bevinking !!! YOU WON! See you in the jungle! Big thanks to all who participated! A few more days to sign up with our earlybird pricing. Use the discount code AMIGOS at checkout to receive $200 off before December 20th!

Yoga Trade is excited to announce our Deep Ecology of Wellness GIVEAWAY!

One lucky member will receive free admission (5 nights shared glamping accommodation, three meals a day, all workshops and classes) to Deep Ecology of Wellness, April 9-14, 2019 at Punta Mona, Costa Rica. ($950 value)

Deep Ecology of Wellness is a unique and special retreat gathering (limited to 100 participants max). It is will be held at an off-the-grid botanical center where the rainforest meets the Caribbean sea. A space for Yoga Teachers, Wellness Professionals, Permaculturists, and those with a desire to learn from around the world to come together in an intimate and natural conference setting. Enjoy Movement, Yoga, Nature Connection, Community Building, Continuing Education, Storytelling, Permaculture, Regenerative Design, and Joy. Check out the incredible line up of passionate teachers HERE.


(Please read directions carefully, it’s a 3 step process)

1. To enter, log into your Yoga Trade account and LEAVE A REPLY (post comment) below at the end of this BLOG post. In the comment, state why you are excited to attend the Deep Ecology of Wellness event! Within your comment, feel free to also share about your own experiences with Yoga Trade. You must be a Yoga Trade member to post a comment. (If you are not currently a member, you can sign up at

2. Visit the Facebook page for this event ( and mark that you are either ‘GOING’ or ‘INTERESTED’.

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Thank you for contributing to this flourishing community. We look forward to growing together!!!

The WINNER will be chosen at random ( and will be announced on December 18th, 2018.

*Only ONE entry allowed per person. You must be a real human to enter. The giveaway is only valid for persons age 18 and above. The event ticket is not transferable to another person if winner is unable to use. The event ticket includes full admission (shared accommodation, food, and classes), and does NOT include transportation to the event or other travel costs. The event ticket is not redeemable for cash. 

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  1. Winona Holmes Robbins
    Winona Holmes Robbins says:

    As a young woman, a swim coach at a small college in Arkansas, I am quickly realizing the restraints the professional world attempts to put on people. I am often reminded of how normal the world wants you to be and how simple people expect and desire life to be. I am not ready to settle into a life of normal, a life without weirdness and excitement. I want to continue my passion for challenging my mind and body in ways that will make it grow and to help better the earth. Finding people that have the same compassion for others as I do has been tough, finding others that care for more than money has been tough, and learning that some people care for nothing but themselves has been the toughest of it all. This experience will give me a boost on my spiritual journey and will allow me to continue to pursue a world outside the realm of normal. Aligning me with others that share this view on life and to push each other to be the most loving, gentle souls, as possible.

    With love,
    Winona HR

  2. Katrina Sisco
    Katrina Sisco says:

    I am 20 years old and I am just beginning my journey as a yoga instructor!! I would love to go on this retreat to learn so much more about yoga and be around like-minded people who all share the same passion. I love to travel and Costa Rica is one of my favorite countries I’ve been to. To me, this retreat is like tying everything I love all together. I am excited to be in such a pretty area by the jungle and beach, surrounded with people who offer such great things and have so much knowledge about yoga and wellness. I haven’t used yoga trade for anything personal yet, but I have the next 6 months off from school so I am really hoping to use it a lot more and find opportunities in different places to teach here and there. I really want to incorporate yoga and traveling as my career so yoga trade is definitely helping me get my foot in the door. This would be an amazing oportunity and I am extremely grateful!!

  3. Dory
    Dory says:

    The Deep Ecology of Wellness sounds like amazing journey!
    I am sure it´s a great way to connect and expand our beuatiful community but the most importantly be surrounded by beuatiful nature.
    It looks like it would be awesome love pachamama experience 🙂

    My experience with Yoga Trade is amazing so far! I am here every single day :))


  4. Kasey McMillan
    Kasey McMillan says:

    The Deep Ecology of Wellness is going to be incredible! Added bonus that it’s over my birthday week☺️
    I would love to have a place in this beautiful retreat to grow as a new yoga instructor, wellness advocate, and with the community! What a way to learn, surrounded by inspiring people in such a unique place. Wow!

  5. Roeline Hansen
    Roeline Hansen says:

    For the past 8 years I have been traversing a desert landscape figuratively and literally speaking. After living in the USA for 16 years where I engaged with various communities for my personal growth and renewal. I am a body worker and yoga teacher, and cherished gatherings such as the Native American sweat ceremonies to nourish me so I could stay centered and balanced to do my work.

    I returned to my birth country Namibia in 2010 with great enthusiasm to share my skills and experiences. It has been a desert experience and I long for deep connection and immersion with like minded beings who are passionate about and committed to wellness for self, others and nature. Although I am a loner, I deeply cherish community especially community centered around meaningful and purposeful living and giving.

    Yoga Trade is a beautiful space connecting individuals across the globe and providing a platform for sharing.Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.


  6. Savannah Villar
    Savannah Villar says:

    I just signed up for yoga trade but I’m so glad I found it and hope in the future to find ways to teach through here.
    I’ve been wanting to go to Punta Mona and learn from all these wise women for a while! I love yoga, herbalism, Spanish and Costa Rica so to combine all that in one place is just my dream. I love this earth and I want to learn more about natural medicine, and ways to help Mother Nature. Life is to short to not do what is calling you
    Savannah 🙂

  7. Charlene Chandler
    Charlene Chandler says:

    It would be a dream and an honor to return to Costa Rica in the presence of women who are such an influence in my life. Erica, Tory, Lauren, Tara, and Meg. I am going thru a big transition in April which is exciting but a little scary. Changing careers from retail mgt to explore my passions to share healing with my sisters. This would be an amazing way to begin a new chapter💛. One of my dreams has been to teach yoga at the yoga farm in Costa Rica so this is a great way to get my first taste!!
    Thank you.

  8. Emily Gibson
    Emily Gibson says:

    This looks like such an amazing experience. I would be honored to win this contest and trying to convince a few friends to sign up and come with me to this gathering/meeting of the minds in CR.
    I first found out about Punta Mona when Steven came to Panama at the beginning of Spring semester 2013 when I worked for Kalu Yala. I remember sitting in the board room at our director’s meeting and listening to him speak. I loved his analogy about how a productive team of employees with diverse skills and mindsets can be compared to the plants complimenting each other in a permaculture garden. Genius.
    I have desired to sign up and attend a permaculture/herbalist program at Punta Mona for the past few years but my schedule just didn’t work out. Excited to learn from Sarah and all the other talented plant masters and absorb the knowledge and good vibes of the jungle.
    Pura Vida!
    Emily Gibson

  9. Nina Declama
    Nina Declama says:

    The Deep Ecology of Wellness Retreat is something I have had my eye on for a while. My dreams are to take up a residency within an eco- conscious community and eventually create a community of my own for health and wellness. I love this movement of education and yoga. Normally, I am in the role of being of service to my community as a facilitator/ teacher and It would be so amazing to have an opportunity like this where I could attend as a participant.

  10. Hannah
    Hannah says:

    The Deep Ecology of Wellness Retreat contains all of my passions wrapped into one. Some things I am more knowledgable in, but others I am not much so this would be an incredible way to continue on my learning journey. I have recently received my RYT-200, and I am an avid learner, especially when it comes to health and wellness.My passion lies with food and our mind-body connection, and I hope to eventually continue on into Ayurveda and other forms of alternative medicines to heal the body, mind, and spirit.

    My friends and I are VERY much into the idea of eventually gathering together and creating an eco-conscious community and oasis for like minds, so this would be not only an great way to become more educated on necessary topics, but it could also open many doors when it comes to networking and finding other potential tribe-mates. Congratulations to whomever is the lucky recipient!

  11. Ananya Nicole
    Ananya Nicole says:

    For the past 6 years I was living with my Guru in the Himalayas on my own spiritual journey. Just a few months ago my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer so I left to come help her on this healing and wellness journey. Unfortunately I’ve been finding it kind of difficult to fit in here (a bit of a culture shock I suppose), then came across yoga trade. I literally just joined today and am so excited to see an entire community of beautiful divine souls deepening their spiritual journeys too 🙂 In India, we were also living completely sustainable so having the opportunity to attend this Deep Ecology of Wellness Retreat would be an amazing learning opportunity for me so I can bring back the new knowledge I gain to our village. Not to mention connecting with other nature and yoga loving brothers and sisters!
    Blessings to All!
    Omm <3

  12. Judy Saunders
    Judy Saunders says:

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

    I’m interested in going to the Deep Ecology of Wellness so I can learn from other leaders and like minded individuals. It’s an opportunity to surround myself with a network of inspiring people that will encourage me to have my own creative flow of ideas. Our world is in deep need of environmental, physical, spiritual, and emotional healing. I believe that these can be done together with the workshop topics and the power of friendly strangers.

    I hope have an opportunity to join you! 🙂

    Judy Saunders

  13. Bevin King
    Bevin King says:

    This retreat looks wonderful, the combination of yoga, nature and workshops sounds like a dream. So far through Yoga Trade I’ve found a great job teaching in Spain and another working with a meditation app. This retreat would be an incredible next step! ♡

  14. Haleli Moalem
    Haleli Moalem says:

    When my friend Judy Saunders told me about his event, I did not hesitate to apply.
    This unique, exquisite experience combine many of my passions all into one. I received my 200 hour YTT about a year ago in Bali, Indonesia. When one can be immersed with like minded people in the beauty of the land with the power of community, the most pure genuine growth can happen.
    It has been my dream to go to Costa Rica, and I am truly passionate about deepening my knowledge of the ecology of wellness.
    I am building a circle of passionate individuals and believe that powerful gatherings like this one can have a long lasting ripple effect in the world. I am beyond grateful to have a chance to become a part of this retreat.
    I will share this on Facebook and with friends.
    I hope to become part of the experience!
    Deep blessings and much gratitude,

  15. Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor says:

    I would love to be part of this event because it has an amazing selection of presenters and experiences. I really appreciate Sam and Raquel of the YogaSlackers and enjoy what they bring to any event. I’m new to the yoga trade community but have been teaching acro yoga and slaclining for several years. I find that having a connection to movement and being embodied in playfulness is super important!

  16. Jessica Chang
    Jessica Chang says:

    Last month I attended my first yoga retreat in Morocco and traveled halfway across the world (I’m from New York) by myself for the first time to learn acroyoga – something I’d never done before as well. Many people asked what made me decide to venture to Morocco and I had no other answer besides that something felt so right when I saw that event and I just decided to follow my intuition.

    That was one of the best gifts I’ve ever given to myself and allowed me to discover a newfound passion and love for yoga, acro, travel, and a community that I hadn’t known I so deeply resonated with. That’s also where I met Sam and Raquel and learned an immense amount in just one week from two lovely souls and great teachers 😊 I’d love to attend the Deep Ecology of Wellness event to further my yoga practice and continue my journey on this path. I am looking to become a certified yoga teacher in the new year and would love to continue pursuing wonderful events, like this, to surround myself with like-minded individuals.

  17. Finca Bellavista
    Finca Bellavista says:

    I love Yoga Trade and am so excited for Deep Ecology of Wellness!

    I am a resident at Finca Bellavista Treehouse Community here in Costa Rica, and my life at Finca has been greatly enhanced by Yoga Trade. Finca Bellavista has been utilizing Yoga Trade to host volunteer yoga instructors for just over a year now, and we have been so amazed by the wonderful individuals who have come to Finca through Yoga Trade. I am so grateful that we have access to a platform that has connected our community with such amazing people from around the world. I am eager to meet, connect with, and learn from more people associated with Yoga Trade during the retreat.

    Pura vida!

  18. Courtney Elmes
    Courtney Elmes says:

    Currently on a journey returning back to nature and myself…

    So many doors seem to be opening as options, so it’s time to remain focused on the vision I see in my mind’s eye. This course is compiled of all the areas of life I am intrigued by and wish to deepen my understanding of… Having just completed a 200 hour YTT, I’ve reached new depths of my being that I’m ready to embrace and explore… I’d like to see what I can gain and give from my practise and principles. Yoga trade has only just appeared in my life, so this would be the most incredible opportunity to immerse myself in the community! The Sacred Earth Yogi YTT also had an element of Permaculture embedded; gaining an insight into the world of farming, gardening and regenerative living was something extremely precious to me and I learnt so much from the process. I believe healing is a part of my life purpose through plants, communication and connection, living as a story-teller and Earth lover.

    I feel so deeply drawn to this retreat and would really cherish this experience to have under my belt… Trusting that either way my path will guide me this way.

    Many blessings!

  19. Maïlys Neyrand
    Maïlys Neyrand says:

    Hey ! I am Maïlys, a french ayurvedic therapist and yoga teacher !
    So here is a bit of my story : I spent some time in a few communities in europe and especially I spent a year in an ashram in Denmark, I became a yoga teacher. I learnt so much about community living, permaculture or spirituality.
    With all of these beautiful knowledge in my bag, I couldn’t stop there ! During a yoga nidra session when I was connecting to my feminine power Shakti, Ayurveda called me ! That’s how I got on this ayurvedic path ! Today, I’m proposing dietetic diagnosis, ayurvedic massages and private yoga classes ! (

    Sadly, I never had the opportunity to teach or volunteer through Yoga Trade but still, everytime i’m looking at the opportunities, the experiences look amazing ! That’s how I got to know this AMAZING experience that will come : Deep Ecology of Wellness.

    When I look at the description of the event, it resonate so much inside of me ! Sharing about Yoga, nature connection, permaculture with wellness profesional in a wonderful place as Punta Mona seems the most idyllic thing to do for 2019 !
    Especially, I feel attracted to it because now I came back to the city and I have a deep need to reconnect with nature and people involved in yoga, or so, with an expanded consciousness !

    With all my love,

  20. Becca Rich
    Becca Rich says:

    I would LOVE to be able to attend the Deep Ecology of Wellness Retreat. I’ve never been able to go on a yoga retreat myself due to financial reasons. I graduated from YTT a year and a half ago and I am still developing my skills and education, hopefully being able to turn this passion into a full time career one day soon. I am also super interested in permaculture and learning more about the earth and how to give back to mama, nature is such an important part of being human! And of course, building community and networking with yoga trade family. This retreat sounds like heaven.
    I signed up for Yoga Trade less than a year ago, and I am super excited to start saving up and be able to apply for some opportunities in the next year or two. Thank you all for this amazing opportunity!!!

  21. Tiffany Olcott
    Tiffany Olcott says:

    This sounds like such an amazing experience. Would love the opportunity to reconnect with myself after just ending a 30 year marriage. I have found solace and healing in my yoga practice and would love to do some core healing while deepening my connection with myself. Thank you 🙏

  22. Amanda Bertucci
    Amanda Bertucci says:

    Mahalo Yoga Trade for this magical opportunity!!

    Deep Ecology of Wellness sounds like an absolute dream and somewhere I could live possibly forever?! Please…okay kidding, kind of. Although, this retreat truly does sound like somewhere I’d feel perfectly at home! Since joining Yoga Trade I have found a community that I feel most connected to. I find myself exploring the wonderful opportunities and reading through blog posts for hours and feeling constantly inspired! Whether challenging my comfort zone and applying for a position in the most remote of places or attempting to further my own personal practice and teaching styles using the advice of fellow yogis, I am beyond grateful to have found this magical platform. This past September I found a position through Yoga Trade to teach at a surf, eco retreat on Sumba, Indonesia called Ngalung Kalla. I was blessed to have been able to live out my “Blue Lagoon” fantasy and spend two months as the resident yoga teacher. I acquired a whole new home, family, and second language on a beautiful island that I might have otherwise not have had the chance to have visit (or even awareness that it exists!). Seriously, which one of you lovely humans behind the scenes can I hug as a thank you for creating this connection! Speaking of Ngalung Kalla, it was during my time on the island where I learned exactly what Permaculture is and how epic of a practice it is. Although my visa expired before the retreat hosted their permaculture course, I was lucky enough to witness the initial phases of a worm farm composting system. Since spending hours in the garden “transplanting” and immersed entirely in nature, I’ve never felt such excitement to learn more about preserving our beautiful earth and becoming as self-sustainable as possible through permaculture. Combined with yoga and community, I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful experience as participating in Deep Ecology of Wellness.

    With all my love,

    • Erica Hartnick
      Erica Hartnick says:

      Thank you for entering! Yes!!! Ngalung Kalla and the Sea family are amazing! Glad you got to experience that!!!! We would love to post and article about your experience there if you like to write!? You can do so here: Hope to see you at Deep Ecology of Wellness!

  23. Billie Jo Melchor
    Billie Jo Melchor says:

    I heard about this yoga retreat from a friend whom goes every year. I’ve never traveled outside of the country and Costa Rica is on my list! I am a bodyworker in Portland, OR. I find yoga to be one of the things that helps to keep my body able to give so much to my clients. I am constantly looking for ways to bring yoga into my life in a deeper and more meaningful way. This opportunity sounds like a dream come true! My friend will be with you guys this year, I would live to suprise him and show up!! Thanks for the opportunity, blessings and I look forward to meeting you my tribe!

  24. Betty Chemier
    Betty Chemier says:

    What an amazing opportunity to deepen my interest and knowledge in permaculture, my dedication and pasión of yoga and my love of nature! I have been wanting to visit Punta Mona since I met it’s founder Stephen Brooks deep in the jungle of Panama a year ago. I would be forever grateful if I could make it to this amazing retreat you have organized!!

  25. Adelle
    Adelle says:


    Yoga Trade has already opened up so many doors and avenues to connect with other like minded individuals, trade opportunities and to continue to expand my international yoga community. Through this forum, I have also found trade options and connections with some featured members and studios who I otherwise may have never connected with or been made aware of.

    It is wonderful to continue to see this immense growth within the yoga and wellness community. As more and more connections are made, we expand our positive impact into one that encompasses many cultures, regions and practices.

    I would love to attend an event such as the Deep Ecology of Wellness to continue to fuel this growth and expansion. As an instructor this event would be one in which to create relationships for future endeavors and as a student this event would provide me with the ongoing growth, knowledge and practice for my personal progression.

    With deep gratitude


  26. Erin rose Greene
    Erin rose Greene says:

    I’ve had a really hard year, and I know I’m not alone in that, this seems like a beautiful opportunity to do something for myself. Get back to healing my own heart space. Nourish and strengthen and stabilize my own center. Or maybe that’s a lot to hope for in 5 nights 😉

  27. Heather Sanden
    Heather Sanden says:

    What a beautiful gift this may be for any BEing this space opens up for! As for my self, AbSOULutely will I utilize this reconnection to my power of voice to express my Heart ♡ The week of my birthday, April 12, what a wonderful gift to receive ♡ Another process as a giver that I am working through shadows….to be open and feel the worthiness to receiver. Releasing old stories, my old paradigm, that i am enough!!!
    This past 2018 I made a leap of faith to live in Costa Rica, though “my plan” was not the Divine plan. Relocating to co-facilitate YTTs and coaching soccer, to the illusion not being what it seemed. Even in this particular Yogi world was so much ego and all about finances it was disheartening, as that was what I believed to be releasing from here in the States. From the ego dominant energy of the Professional soccer world I have been infused with in my journey.
    Yet, here I am this free spirit who walks by and consistently smells the flowers, in awe of the sky and Mama Gaia, an animal lover and often feel a ‘whisperer’, who delivers hugs and gifts to those I come across. Costa Rica has my Heart. Permaculture. Connection. Yoga. Union. This is my shift into my Truth. Sharing space and time with the beautiful Sophia Thom in workshops and at Danyasa, I am continuing this movement into and through my Goddess BEing. As I am moving away from much old stuckness and the life I’ve lived for 36 years, I humbly ask for some support. A gift. This gift. The gift of further becoming ♡
    Grateful for your time and listening, reading my words and feels ♡ Namaste ♡

  28. Maya Semans
    Maya Semans says:

    I am so grateful for yogatrade and the opportunities it has provided me! I have taken advantage of all that yoga trade has to offer! I have traveled to teach yoga in Ecuador, published my first yoga blog post and continue to work with Mary Tilson through the mentorship program. I am a former inner city high school teacher and after 5 years found myself burned out with nothing left to give. Yoga and holistic health were the vehicles that have brought me back into allignment with my personal values and spiritual aspirations. I have a degree in African American studies and Social Justice and experience working in black and brown communities. My commitment to racial and social justicd continue to fuel my passion for wellness and inform my relationship to the work. I believe that my background provides me with a unique voice in yoga and wellness spaces that are often void of conversations on race and privilege. It is my belief that this community possesses incredible power to be more inclusive and play a large role in healing some of the damaging impacts of white supremacy.

    My experience traveling and teaching yoga in Ecuador was an important opportunity to further develop my voice. The most impactful experience I’ve had with yoga trade so far has definitely been my work with Mary Tilson. She has encouraged and validated my past experience and helped me develop my mission and identity as a wellness professional. I am currently finishing my holistic health coaching certification through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and teaching yoga in Baltimore, Maryland. I would love the opportunity to attend this retreat and believe I will bring an important voice to the community.

  29. Maya Semans
    Maya Semans says:

    Cont. I know I will benefit from this opportunity because of my commitment to grow and learn from this community. I am so passionate about yoga, wellness and travel and want to expand my network and knowledge of all things related! I am so excited about the teaching line up (especially Mary Tilson) and have no doubt this opportunity will contribute to my ability so serve others and better help my community!

  30. Roxanne Bérubé
    Roxanne Bérubé says:

    The Deep Ecology of Wellness is the perfect mix of everything I love! I have been guiding yoga classes for 5 years and I am a student in biology/environment. Nature and wellness are my whole world and I would love to keep learning and growing in this group and community!

  31. Kylie M
    Kylie M says:

    Would love to be a part of this magic! Ecology, sustainability, yoga, ALL of it is just so amazing and IMPORTANT and can’t wait to immerse myself in these worlds to learn more about it. Also a videographer so I would love to document and share this wisdom! I’ve been on yoga trade for a year and haven’t taken part of the opportunities yet, but so ready for that to change! <3 lots of love.

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