Feb 10 – 18th, 2024 | Peruvian Cultural Immersion & Yoga Retreat

Feb 10 – 18th, 2024 | Peruvian Cultural Immersion & Yoga Retreat

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Join Ryann Tillman, Rachel Ocean, Loren Lotus and the Lotus Retreats community for a 9-day and 8-night yoga, cultural immersion, and ceremonial retreat in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Immerse yourself fully in the colorful Andean culture and “Cosmovision” ~ participating in traditional ceremony & healings, exploring the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, Pisac, Cusco & more…and becoming a walking embodiment of the Andean way of Ayni – living in right relationship with all creation.

One of the jewels of South America, Peru is the home of many Andean civilizations and their compelling “Cosmovision” that has touched the heart and spirit of so many who have visited these lands. Peruvian culture reveals a rich entwining of the indigenous mythology, mysticism, and ceremony that is reflected in the country’s music, healing arts, textiles, handicrafts, and sacred ruins. Together we will step out of time and into our unique place in the cosmos to experience our inherent interconnectedness with all life….

Explore the Andes…

Beyond the yoga mat, we will venture into the beauty of the Andes with excursions such as exploring ancient ruins, listening to traditional music, guided ceremonies with Q’ero paqos (shamans), and more. Our practice of mindfulness helps cultivate a sustained state of presence so that as a group we can open ourselves to receive the true medicine that Peru has to offer. We are so excited to share with you some of the richness this culture and land has to offer!

Learn about Andean philosophy…

The Andean Cosmovision is a way of perceiving and interacting with reality that is central to the traditional, indigenous culture of the high Andes. This Cosmovision is not a strict set of concepts or beliefs, but rather an experiential relationship to the wholeness of creation. It is a path rooted in Munay (love), Yachay (wisdom), and Ayni (sacred reciprocity) that promotes a more loving and mutually supportive relationship between ourselves, Pachamama, and the Cosmos.

Loren Lotus

6-nights of our retreat will be in the Sacred Valley of Peru, close to many historic sites & nature to explore once we first arrive. The last 2-nights of the retreat will be spent at a hotel in Ollantaytambo, closer to Machu Picchu plus an optional night of Grandfather medicine ceremony.

Sacred Valley Accommodations
During our stay in the Sacred Valley, Samadhi means a union with the divine. Samadhi offers daily accommodations, yoga retreats and trainings. Each of our bungalows represent one of the seven chakra energy centers in the body. In the main lodge, we have a living room and dining room. The yoga studio is located on the top floor. We serve vegetarian or vegan cuisine.

In the middle of a natural environment, surrounded by mountain and ancient culture that today maintain their traditions, grows Samadhi. Designed with the sacred geometry, Samadhi will submerge you in the universe of the Chakras, walking through the Kundalini and wrapping you in its spaces, colors, textures, flavors and art adapted for the energy central, to know and explore your essence.

To get close to the conscience state of the divine, we work in a holistic manner in four forms, yoga-meditation, food awareness, art therapy and cultural immersion. These aspects connect and count with the program especially for each chakra and is related with each bungalow; the first bungalow, the chakra raiz, is associated with the earth, is a space with a program of yoga-meditation, food, art and cultural experiences that help connect with the mother earth Pachamana, and then you will pass chakra to chakra.

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