21 Days of Meditation + 21 Minutes a Day for $21

21 Days of Meditation + 21 Minutes a Day for $21

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JOIN me for 21 Days of Meditation + 21 Minutes a Day + $21


In this 21-day journey, we will be learning the art of Japa Meditation. Why Japa? Using Japa in your meditation has the potential to supercharge your practice and intentions with the energy of mantra.

So, What is Japa Meditation?

In Sanskrit, Japa means “to repeat” prayers or mantras ~ so a Japa Meditation practice is a meditative repetition of reciting a mantra or even the divine names of gods or goddesses. The mantra or god/goddess is chosen based on the qualities you are wishing to invoke. Oftentimes, a Japa meditation practice will be accompanied by a Mala ~ prayer beads~ although you do not need a mala to perform a Japa practice.

We will be meeting each morning over Zoom @ 7:30am MST. (All sessions are recorded if you can not attend live). We will start each meditation session with a short breathwork exercise and then we will chant 108 rounds of a Shiva Mantra.

Our 21 days of Japa Meditation together begins on May 10th.

What you will receive with this course:

1. A one hour long evening workshop. 5/9 @ 5pm MST

2. 21 days of guided Japa Meditation. 5/10 – 5/31 @7:30am MST each day.

*Please note that the last 3 days, you will get recordings of the meditation and they will not be live because it is Memorial Day Weekend.

3. An invitation to join a private Facebook Group to be a part of a Sangha.

Who is this Course For?
Beginners and experienced meditators alike! This course is appropriate for those of you who are brand new to meditation as well as for people who want to deepen their meditation practice, or for experienced practitioners who are interested in joining a sangha (community).

With a Japa Meditation practice you have the potential to:
-Reduce stress and anxiety
-Calm your nervous system
-Be more present in your day to day life
-Experience more joy
-Feel more calm, and less reactive
-Quiet the analytical mind
-Increase your intuition

Do you need a Mala to take this course? NO

If you have a Mala, that is amazing. If you do not, that is absolutely OK too.

If you do not have a Mala and you want one, here are few options:

1. www.theawakelife.com :: Dr. Angjali makes custom Malas and they are each infused with mantra.

2. Amazon :: Make sure you get one with 108 beads.

3. Etsy :: Make sure you get one with 108 beads.

Anyone who registers for this course can also schedule an Intuitive Reading with me for $99 (Typical rate is $120). This rate is valid until June 30, 2021.

Please reach out with any questions.

Deidre Norman

May 10, 2021 7:30 am MST

May 31, 2021 12:00 am MST

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