300hr YTT in the Sacred Valley, Peru

300hr YTT in the Sacred Valley, Peru

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Divinitree & Andean Yoga 300 hr YTT in the Sacred Valley, Peru


Are you ready to come on an adventure, take your yoga practice to the next level, and immerse yourself in the true teachings of Yoga. The Divinitree 300 hour teacher training focuses on learning intelligent sequencing and how to create theme based, peak pose, and well rounded classes. We offer a thorough introduction to the eight limbs of yoga. As a vinyasa training, we focus on asana, alignment, and physical anatomy, but that is just the beginning. We have comprehensive pranayama and tantric breathwork practice offered daily as well as an introduction to the subtle body, the chakras, the vayus, Ayurveda, Indian and Andean philosophy. As a studio owner who has helped many yoga teachers evolve, Ann is passionate about sacred commerce and the business of yoga as well for those who want to make teaching yoga their career. For those looking to uplevel their health, go on a journey of the heart, and create their daily sadhana, this training is an amazing experience whether or not you aspire to teach.

Ann specializes in creative sequencing and helps people bring their practice to an edge. She has literally taught thousands of people to teach yoga from around the world. Intermediate and advanced practitioners will find that this course will ignite their practice. The classes are designed intelligently so that we cater to every yogis needs and level. After a full month of intensive training it’s amazing the evolution that can happen, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Co- Teacher Daya Nimai Das

Ann and Daya have been working together for 8 years and they each have their own distinctive Schools and trainings. This 300 hour is a unique opportunity to learn and adventure with both of them.

Daya started his journey back in 2006, when he first started practicing yoga at Inbound School of Yoga, where he trained and assisted several teacher trainings. After teaching private groups and regular Hatha Vinyasa classes, he opened Nidra Wasi, a yoga community center in the Sacred Valley, Cusco, where he collaborates with different yoga schools around the globe and shares his own deep and transformative practice. In his practice, he combines the Andean Cosmovision and Indian yoga philosophy, with a integrative and restorative approach that induces into a state of deep relaxation. Daya Nimai Das, has been living in the Sacred Valley over the past decade, building community projects, teaching yoga and leading ceremonies, rituals and ancient native  practices from the land.

He has hosted and guided a wide variety of groups and holistic retreats, sharing his passion for  yoga philosophy, andean cosmovision, bodywork and sacred medicines.

Song carrier, talented musician and ceremonialist known for his sharing of mantras, native songs and folk / medicine music from around the world.

He is also the founder and director of the Andean Yoga School,  where he has led,  trained and certified over a hundred students across the globe.

A True 300 hour training to take your teaching and practice to the next level.

There are so many teacher training courses out there, and so many 300 hour programs, why would you choose this one? First of all this is a true 300 hour- meaning that it is for students who have already graduated from a previous 200 hour training or prove that they are truly advanced practitioners. We will take the teachings to the next level and help to evolve your practice and yoga career. Ann has been teaching trainings for over a decade and has helped hundreds of teachers to up level their yoga businesses. This is a high quality program and our students testimonials speak for themselves.

This course is focused on self-inquiry and development and includes powerful manifestation work that will aid you in all facets of life. The yoga on the mat is just the beginning. We are highly inspired by the work of David Frawley and his work with yoga and ecology. More and more research is showing the benefits of nature therapy and one of the best parts of this training is that we get into these majestic mountains. We take you off the beaten track into breathtakingly beautiful places where we can connect with the nature spirits in all their glory.

Yoga is about union with our higher centers of perception and this training is an opportunity to study sacred texts, immerse yourself in asana, pranayama, meditation, ritual, adventure, community, and magic. We realize that yoga as taught in the west is a fusion of many sacred ways and paths: here we merge Vedic knowledge with Andean spirituality and ceremony in the heart of the world, the Sacred Valley of Peru.

We are carefully selecting participants to create an amazing container for this deeply transformative work. Participants must have the right attitude, an open heart, a willingness to serve the world, be up for adventure, able to go with the flow, and ready to leap into a new level of knowingness. Please be ready to fully commit to immersing yourself in the training and showing up for yourself and your fellow yogis.

Some of the 300 hour workshop topics include:

Advancing your yoga practice: bhandas, arm balances, and inversions

How to up level and down level your sequencing- variations, variations, variations

The Wisdom Goddesses

Bhakti yoga- sound healing and integrating music into the class

Subtle and Advanced Anatomy

Business of yoga- create the life of your dreams

Mandala sequencing- getting out of the box

Integrating Ayurveda into our lives

Thai massage as a means of creatively learning anatomy- advanced sequences

Kundalini practice

Yin and restorative yoga

Yoga and ecology

Despacho- traditional Andean offering with Don Hernan



Yoga and the moon cycle

An introduction to nondual tantra

Yoga and art therapy

Trauma informed yoga

Ancestral ceramics and Andean symbolism


Vedic philosophy

Sample daily schedule:

8am pranayama and tantric breath-work practice

9am -11am Innovative Vinyasa with Ann or Andean Yoga with Daya

11:15am-1pm anatomy and asana breakdown

1-2 Delicious farm to table lunch with Rafaela

2:30-4 Philosophy

4:15-6 Special guest teacher

We will have 5 days of intensive study, one adventure day where we take you on a life changing adventure, hike, or service day, and one day to rest, get massages, and do homework each week.

Magical Adventures and Epic journeys included in your 300 hour ytt course:

We believe that the beauty of learning yoga in the Andes is being able to breathe some of the purest air on the planet. The power these mountains have to heal is profound and we respect and honor these Apus and the healing traditions preserved here in these sacred lands. We always start our journey together with a despacho the traditional way of honoring the earth and giving back while asking for blessings, protection, and permission to be here. We commit to treading lightly and we provide filtered water and ask everyone to bring their own reusable bottle. We take you off the beaten track into breathtakingly beautiful places in communities where we have family contacts. We will have two full hiking days together. One to a magical lakeside community where they still tend to their lamas, alpacas, and sheep. One of everyone’s most memorable days is always our Huachuma hike with Don Hernan- medicine is optional, but the journey itself is unforgettable! We also believe in karma yoga and have been donating to a local nonprofit called Ayllunchis www.ayllunchis.com Our training will go on a seva day where we will give back and help in a remote high altitude community, while bringing them valuable resources and learning from their wisdom and culture.




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Sacred Valley, Pisac

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