7 Week ONLINE Grief Recovery Program – START ANY TIME

7 Week ONLINE Grief Recovery Program – START ANY TIME

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Grief is not only the normal and natural reaction to loss it is also what we experience when there is a change in familiar patterns or behaviours. It can also be about undelivered communications and unmet hopes, dreams and expectations. The whole world is experiencing grief right now. Loss of a loved one or a pet, Divorce, career struggles, covid, social distancing/loss of connection – there are over 40 different types of loss.

This 7 week online program includes The Grief Recovery Handbook. You can start ANYTIME. 7 weeks, approx 2hrs/week.

When you are suffering, on a daily basis, with the pain of a broken heart, there is one major question you need to ask yourself: Do I want to continue to suffer this pain for the rest of my life? Many people think this is the only option, and the fate they must endure forever. Many become accustomed to finding themselves in tears at odd moments throughout their days when they think of a love or relationship lost.

Others believe that their loss has destroyed their happiness and sense of security, and now feel that they will be bitter and joyless forever. That is not the case. You have options that can move you out from under this cloud.The term “Evidence Based” means there is research that looked into how the Grief Recovery Method works and is published in a peer-reviewed journal. For this research, by Drs. Rachael Nolan and Jeff Hallam, published their results in two articles in “The American Journal of Health Education.” They also presented these studies at several conferences. What this means is that their studies show that The Grief Recovery Method goes beyond a “best practice” or “promising approach” in dealing with the emotional pain of loss.

This means there is high confidence that those who follow the Grief Recovery Method Action Plan can find happiness in their lives despite the loss they suffered.The Grief Recovery Method helps grievers deal with those things they wish might have been different or better. It gives them the chance to address their dreams and hopes for the future, which is not the future they had planned. It helps them address the words left unspoken. It helps them with the lost relationship that they thought would cause them pain for the rest of their lives. All these things may sound too good to be true, but this research shows that this dream of a better tomorrow is very possible, thanks to the Grief Recovery Method Action Plan!

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