8 Day Forest Yoga Retreat Australia by Donation

8 Day Forest Yoga Retreat Australia by Donation

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We are offering a by DONATION one week retreat to delve into last 4 limbs of Patanjali’s system – get up early, do yoga, help out on the ashram, learn yoga philosophy and finish with meditation. Get fit and healthy with vegan feasts and juices. Chance to try kayaking if you wish. Chant and sing. Lift your spirit with communal love.

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About The Event

This one week retreat is to improve yoga postures, with its main focus on the Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi meditation skills including the chakra system and the subtle body looking into the Vayus of Ayurvedic medicine, nutrition, vegetarianism and to spiritually connect to the Yoga by grounding yourself in peace, love and nature. Experience Yoga Ashram spiritual life. Learn about Ascension Yoga and the classic path of Patanjali to Enlightenment. Each day will experience an ascending limb of Patanjali’s codified system examining the end goal and cessation of thought whether this is dualism or not by looking at the original Sutras and the concept of isolating the Purusha from the Prakriti. And how Tantra has influenced this to non-dualism. Culminating in Samadhi – where object and subject merge in meditation.

Retreat Schedule
The schedule has some flexibility, all sessions must be attended, it is designed to maximise your
retreat experience whilst allowing some free time to enjoy being in the nature bush of

Every day the retreat moves up a limb in Patanjali’s sutras, there being 8 limbs to reach Samadhi.
So first day we start with Yamas, then Niyamas, and so on as a focus for that day. Particularly in
the yoga philosophy classes.

There are options for extra off-site activities, and you could also choose additional treatments
when you purchase your retreat (all these are subject to availability, minimum numbers and
additional costs).

Sample retreat schedule:

Arrival Day:

8:00am – 2.45pm – Arrive anytime and settle into your accommodation
12:30pm – Lunch (optional)
3:00pm – Welcome Circle and Meditation
4:30pm – Restorative / Yin Yoga Class
6:00pm – Dinner
7:00pm – Guided Meditation / Yoga Nidra

Full Days:
5:45am – Morning Flow Yoga
8:00am – Breakfast
9:00am – Help out cleaning
10:00am – Morning Break
10:30am – Help out gardening or other projects
12:00pm – Prepare lunch – learn about vegan foods
12:30pm – Lunch
1:30pm – Relax / Treatment session / Bush walks / Adventure activities
4:30pm – Restorative / Yin Yoga Class / Yoga philosophy / Guided meditation bush walk / Zen art class
6:00pm – Light Dinner / Fruits
7:00pm – Guided Meditation / Philosophy /


Final Day:

5:45am – Morning flow yoga / bush walk meditation cliff view dawn
8:00am – Breakfast
9:00am – Cleaning help out
10:00am – Morning Break
10:30am – Ascension Yoga in your life
12:00pm – Lunch preparation
12:30pm – Lunch
1:30pm – Home practices for Ascension Yoga
2:30pm – Closing Circle feedback
3:00pm – Departure

About your retreat
Yoga, Food, Routine, Rules and Yoga Instructor


This tiny yoga retreat is small and very secluded in nature’s pristine forest. It caters to just one to four people who get to call this place Nirvana and home for their retreat experience. Some retreats may have more people. You live in the yoga teacher’s residence, so in this respect it is a true ashram. And will learn direct from Dhyan how to deeply experience yoga. It is also a chance to go deep into any personal issues affecting your life and work through them with Dhyan using his Ascension Yoga healing. (If Dhyan is not present then an experienced yogi who will guide you). Your retreat will include one on one healing sesssions with Dhyan.

If you want to get away from people and crowds then this is your place to meet just a few like minded yogis.

You will be living and breathing life into your temple that is your divine body with the yoga teacher in his forest Lodge deep in the wild Australian bush in a private remote valley surrounded by millions of hectares of gum forest. It was chosen to be in complete seclusion from outside interference to reconnect you to Nature. 

There are many amazing bushwalking trails with views of sandstone cliffs in order for you to explore the native Eucalypt nature and forest to meditate and connect to the native flora and fauna. Rock wallabies, possums, Kookaburras, goannas, many birds, bats, lizards and frogs.


The Yamas and Niyamas are taught according to Patanjali. Basic to intermediate Asanas and Pranayama are Ashtanga and Sivananda Hatha mixed together and changed to an Ascension style. Meditation is Tantric Chakra focussed and Vipassana. We will teach to your level which includes yoga philosophy.


One on one sessions to heal particular issues bothering you in your life, or blocks be they physical, mental or sexual. 30 years experience in alternative health and yoga, Dhyan has formulated a healing system to resolve many blocks in the spiritual path to release joy and see other options as to how to live using many systems of Yoga to deeply heal. 


Your retreat needs healthy nutritious organic vegetables and fruits grown here at the retreat to nourish your body as a whole. We have mango, pecan, orange, grapefruit, custard apple trees in our own beautiful Orchard. Sadly 2019 bushfires took half the orchard which is being replanted. Cauliflower, broccoli, gourmet lettuce, mortgage lifter tomatoes, parsley, sweet potato, zucchini, pumpkin, bok choy, cabbage, spinach, capsicum, peppers, beans, herbs, dill, thyme, oregano, mint – all are grown here for you to eat.  So you can experience food grown with yogic love and kindness in your vegan feast meals and juices. We pride ourselves on the praise we get for our meals.


  • Dawn – Hatha, Ashtanga and Pranayama starting at 5 am will recharge your body.

  • Morning – healthy breakfast of muesli and fruits will lead you into some Karma Yoga, helping out at the retreat.

  • Lunch –  may be a short Yoga Nidra to relax your body before preparing for the main meal of lunch.

  • Afternoon – Relax, bush walk, try Zen art, a holistic massage, or one on one Ascension healing session with Dhyan to work through blocks in your life. After tea more Yoga usually Yin or a talk on philosophy. Depending on your retreat.

  • Evening – A light meal, then meditation, kirtan or a lecture on Ascension system.

  • Finishes the day at 9 pm to rest in your own room, shared room, or tent under the stars in the deep forest of Eucalypts in Australia. 

The health retreat is vegan and has much rawfoods including juices. You can do juice or water fasts here.

The schedule for the weekend program is merely an example opposite. And may vary to suit particular guests needs.

RULES Discipline


  • You must do the yoga and meditation classes here.

  • No alcohol is allowed nor meat, drugs, smokes not even coffee. 

  • Do not bring any food at all including snacks here.

  • You MUST fill in a HEALTH CARE FORM.

  • You MUST help out with the running of the retreat. That can be gardening, cleaning, preparing food, dish washing or maintenance.

  • So you connect to NATURE computers, tablets and mobiles are not allowed here. This is your chance to take a break from them. Outside contact is only permitted in urgent situations. This is time to self reflect and take a break from the world. There is no TV here nor internet for guests.

  • Take pen and paper. Zen art is taught.

  • No books are allowed unless yoga related.

  • Strong emotions can arise from this spiritual place where you go deep into the Yoga to Ascend your soul. You need to be able to commit to that process for the full duration of the retreat. No refund if you leave early or do not turn up. 


The retreat is expensive to run. And you receive yoga teachings one to one or in a very small group, having this beautiful place just to yourself or a few other people. For donation see here.


If you cannot afford you can volunteer, helping out here. Please become one and you will gain much more https://www.yogaretreat.net.au/volunteer. 

July 21, 2023 12:00 am

July 28, 2023 12:00 am

Nymboida NSW



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