Adventures in Empowerment Guatemala Women’s Retreat

Adventures in Empowerment Guatemala Women’s Retreat

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“The Adventure of Transformation and Spirit Exploration”

What if you could feel confident in making decisions about your life, feel truly connected to your heart, and feel at home in the world? Would you travel to a magical place surrounded by volcanoes to get this renewed sense of self empowerment and to learn spiritual tools that would support you in your path now and into the future?

The ability to fall in love with life again and step into your path as a divine being is absolutely possible. Join a passionate group of women who are seeking grand adventure, exploring new expressions of being, and reactivating long hidden gifts of inner knowing. Our women’s retreat provides a place for laughter, joyful expression, and spiritual practices that help bring forth your highest self. When we can revitalize that connection to ourselves, we have the power to create our dream lives.

The Adventures in Empowerment retreat provides a safe space to learn and practice techniques of connection, vision, healing, laughter, love, joy, expression and maintaining balance.

We create a space for learning and letting go. A space to tear off the façade society has made us think we need to be accepted. The best time to begin living the rest of your life in a way you truly desire is now.

We welcome you to join our women’s spiritual retreat at gorgeous Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. We will spend healing time in natural places and support one another in intentional practices to bring us more fully into the versions of ourselves that we want to be.

K wilson

October 1, 2022 12:00 am Central Standard Time

October 7, 2022 12:00 am Central Standard Time

Lago Atitlan, Guatemala


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