Become an Empowered Life Founding Facilitator!

Become an Empowered Life Founding Facilitator!

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Interested in starting your own home based Business or looking to make a little extra money? Become an Empowered Life Founding Facilitator!
I have combined the key aspects from all of my trainings and programs and I have created a NEW ALL ENCOMPASSING PROGRAM called Transformational Healing.
***AS THIS IS A NEW (PILOT PROGRAM) IT IS BEING OFFERED AT A REDUCED RATE. Once the program had been finalized, the price will increase. So… the 4 week program and the Facilitator Training WILL be offered again but NOT at this reduced rate.
There are already 8 people signed up for this. I originally set this to a max of 10 people but I am increasing that to 15. So register or contact me ASAP if interested!
(You can find detailed info abut this program at the end of this email)
I am looking to recruit Facilitators to help me teach this program! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Here is the process:
Step 1 – sign up for the Transformation Healing 4 week pilot program (offered at a reduced intro rate of $149) Thurs nights June 3 – 24, 7 to 9pm on zoom.
Be a part of helping to finalize all content and materials. Receive final copies of all course content when done AND have the opportunity to take the program again down the road AT NO EXTRA COST!
Step 2 – sign up for the Facilitator Program (late summer/early fall – dates tbd). This will also be a pilot program offered at a reduced rate.
🌟must complete the 4 week program prior to taking the Facilitator Training.
Step 3 – after completing the Facilitator Trainig and receiving all finalized course content, launch your Business teaching the 4 week program.
You will be able to offer the program online or in person as well as in a group setting or one on one. It could also be offered as a retreat.
You will NOT become an employee, rather a certified Facilitator able to use Emoowered Life Content to run programs on your own. Lesson plans and materials will be provided to you. You promote & charge your own clients and get paid. Empowered Life will recognize you through social media to help promote you and your programs on an ongoing basis.
No annual fees. No recertifications. Just follow course guidelines, Facilitator code of conduct and suggested course fees.
Information on how to set up and operate your Business will be a part of the Facilitator training.
Empowered Life will recommend other external certifications to help build your Business but will be optional and NOT a requirement for you to be able to facilitate the 4 week Transformational Healing Program.
The 4 week Transformational Healing Program (in a nut shell)
🌟Identify and heal past traumas and unresolved grief.
🌟Identify and clear blocks and limiting beliefs.
🌟Learn to shift from fear, into balance, alignment and a successful mindset.
🌟Learn to truly manifest all that you desire and deserve.
This pilot program starts June 3. I will be leading the program on zoom every Thursday night at 7pm (mnt time) for 2 hours. Sessions will be recorded so you will have access to all content even after the program ends!
To Learn more about the 4 week program and to become a Founding Facilitator, visit:
If you have questions and want to discuss this, contact me ASAP!
Kim Wilkinson

July 8, 2021 7:00 pm MNT

July 29, 2021 9:00 pm MNT


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