Connect to your Wild Woman

Connect to your Wild Woman

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Connect to your wild-woman through the practices of yoga, surfing, and communing with the natural world in beautiful Northern Nicaragua at Amaru Resort.

This 8-day and 7-night retreat will help you to reconnect with your natural and wild-self. During our time together we will be immersing ourselves in introspection and relaxation through daily yoga and meditation classes, sound healing, hiking, surfing, massage, and more!


We will have morning yoga classes everyday (except for arrival day). Times will vary depending on how we are feeling energy-wise as well as surf conditions (we want to try to accommodate those that want to get their surf on!). We will talk about our up-coming days each evening as well as upon arrival. Our morning practices will be a blend of types of vinyasa, hatha, and yin. Depending on the energy of the day, our practice will be more rigorous or gentle and introspective. All practices will allow you to root yourself into the moment and help you to create more spaciousness for growth and renewal.

In the night we will have a mix of meditation, sound healing, yin yoga, and journaling. We will also have a water-welcoming ceremony on the first night and a fire-closing ceremony on our last evening to help you shed what no longer serves you. (If you feel called to bring something you would like to let go of for our fire ceremony and something you would like to make peace with for our water ceremony, that would be swell. Just make sure that whatever you want to burn will be eco-friendly, otherwise we can symbolically burn it).

For a more detailed version of our days check out our booking page by clicking the “join us!” button at the bottom of this page.


All activities can be optional. I do ask that we try to eat some meals together, so that we can get to know one-another on a deeper level during our time together. We will have a boat tour that is included in the price of the retreat in the mangroves to end our time together! We will also have one surf lesson at the beginning of the retreat that is included in the price as well. You can also engage in other activities during your time here. Activities will be listed on a white-board and you can set them up at Amaru Nicaragua when you arrive as well as massages and reiki! Please bring cash for this. USD accepted

Here are some extra activities that are offered:

-Horseback riding $25

-Fishing $45 (snacks and transportation included).

-Full day Volcano Hike Cosiguina $45 (snacks and transportation included. I do have this in our schedule, it is optional and not included in price).

-City tour of Leon $40.

You are also able to rent bikes/scooters from Amaru Nicaragua during your stay. $10 per rental. You can ride these to the near-by village of Asseradores if you’d like!

The location is a wellbeing resort located in Northern Nicaragua.  They strive to create a space that is connected to the local culture and community in Aposentillo while focusing on conscious practices aligned with the environmental sustainability. The resort has beach access, a pool, outdoor showers, a work-space with wifi, hammocks, and resident animals :). You are able to book a massage on site as well as any extra excursions you’d like to partake in. Please bring cash for all extra spending. Dollar is accepted. You can also book a reiki appointment with me through WeTravel or you can email me as well.

Check out more about them here

* Early-Bird Pricing* Take $300 of any package now until December 31st! 

-Single room: $2100 ($630 deposit)

-Double room: $1700 ($510 deposit)

-Triple room: $1300 ($390 deposit)

Regular Price: (After December 31st)

-Single room: $2400

-Double room: $2000

-Triple room: $1600

Ambassador program:  Interested in attending this retreat for FREE?! Would you love to immerse yourself in the jungle of the northeast of Nicaragua with people you love? Ambassadors are able to attend the retreat for FREE if they get two people to sign up. Ambassadors are able to attend for 50% off if they sign one person up for retreat. If you’re interested in this option please reach out to me at for more information:).

*Ambassadors are expected to pay for their own travel expenses, travel and medical insurance and expenses.*


They offer food that is local, organic and plant-based. We can accommodate for any food allergies as well. Sample menus include breakfast of fresh fruit, smoothies, refreshcos, local eggs, yogurt, granola with homemade sourdough bread; Lunch of tacos, grain bowls or hearty salads. Dinner is latin- inspired dishes like Gallopinto, rice and beans, Nacatamales, Wood-fired Pizza, local fish and lots of veggies. Coffee, tea, Kombucha, juice and healthy snacks are available throughout the week.


To secure your spot, a non-refundable 30% deposit plus WeTravel processing is required. Payment is due in full 45 days before retreat start date (March 26, 2022).

If for any reason you need to cancel, you can submit cancelation by 45 days of retreat date – March 26, 2022 to receive a refund, minus deposit.

For cancellation requests submitted within 45 days of retreat date, 50% of total amount (less deposit) will be refunded.

Cancellation requests within 14 days of the retreat: no refunds are given after this time.

No refunds or credits will be granted for failure to attend or for arriving late or leaving early due to any reason.

No refunds or credits will be granted for any reason after retreat, during retreat, or within two-week (14-day) period before retreat start (March 26, 2022).

COVID-19: Currently, Nicaragua requires all international arrivals show proof of vaccination or negative test. We will monitor the situation closely and share any updates. You can read more about Amaru’s safety procedures here

March 26, 2022 12:00 am Central Standard Time

April 2, 2022 12:00 am Central Standard Time

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