FREE MASTERCLASS ☽ 3 Codes to exit the Matrix and launch your own Retreat & unique offering

FREE MASTERCLASS ☽ 3 Codes to exit the Matrix and launch your own Retreat & unique offering

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Brooke Nally and Zana Prana have been travelling the globe doing what they love for 6+ years now, and have learnt the codes on how to ditch the matrix (aka Corporate, western societal norms ) and create their own successful Retreat company and unique offerings all around the world, whilst working on their own schedule, living in dreamy countries and impacting humans through transformative offerings.

They have cracked the code to help you step-up in your leadership, launch your own business, and make money by sharing your passions, your medicine, and your wisdom.

☽ In this FREE MASTERCLASS, we will be covering


  • What is “The Matrix” 
  • What are the three specific ways we break out of it
  • Tools to help guide you through each phase
  • A meditation and breath practice to ground us into our bodies
  • The final phase of breaking free – getting paid by being you, and how to do this through creating your own unique offering.

If you are a leader, healer, space holder… in that Limbo Space, trying to find out where to start.. then this transmission is perfect for you.

Brooke and Zana have been in your shoes.. and have come out the other side, ready to teach the CODES to you!

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Wednesday 22nd December
1pm MST
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Are you ready to Step-up into your leadership?

Zana Van Dorp

December 22, 2021 1:00 pm MST

December 22, 2021 2:00 pm MST

Online - Via Zoom

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