From Surviving To Thriving Women Retreat

From Surviving To Thriving Women Retreat

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From Surviving To Thriving

15-20 September, Byron Bay, Australia

A 5-night Retreat in the Byron Bay Hinterlands focused on identifying who you want to be, changing your belief system so you can align with that version of yourself, and making a plan of how to embody her.

Imagine this…

You are waking up to the sound of kookaburras seeing the sunrise over the beautiful Byron Bay forest. You are surrounded by some of the most loving and kind women on the planet who are here to support you to become the next version of you.

You are releasing your beliefs from your body and soul and it’s fun! You are shouting at the moon and dancing after finally feeling the freedom of not being weighed down by your past. You feel the lightness and your energy soaring knowing that who you want to be is coming, she is waiting for you and you are aligned with her.

You are gaining tools you can use for life to change your mindset and condition your body to what you always knew you were worthy of but too scared to accept. You leave the retreat with a new unstoppable energy and a plan of how to get what you are destined to achieve.

Your Retreat Includes

* 5 nights accommodation at Sansurya Retreat Center, in Byron Bay

* Daily Yoga, Workshops, and Meditation Sessions

* Learn How to Identity and Change Your Belief System For Life

* Breathwork + Cacao Ceremony

* Healthy + Plant-Based Meals Freshly Prepared by a Private Chef

* Release Ceremonies

* Embody Your New Self Celebration

* Hike to Ti-Tree Lake, a Sacred Aboriginal Women’s site

* Pre-Retreat and Post-Retreat Integration Zoom call

This is for you if…

+You are ready to stop just surviving in life and ready to start thriving in all areas of your life

+You want to find more peace and balance

+ You want to rid yourself of limiting beliefs and step into your fullest potential

+ You enjoy yoga, mindfulness, and organic locally sourced meals

+You want to learn more about the mind-body connection

+ You love to travel, explore, and have barefoot luxury experiences surrounded by nature

+ You crave a like-minded wellness community


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Sangsurya Retreat Centre, Byron Bay, NSW


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