Hybrid or Fully Online 200HR YTT

Hybrid or Fully Online 200HR YTT

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  1. Teacher Development and Education: Our facilitators have advanced certifications and trainings, vast knowledge in functional mobility and other modalities. Our training is highly anatomical based that enhances and deepens your own physical practice and solidify your teaching skills.
  2. Experience: This is more than just lectures. You put what you’ve learned into practice and learn more as you do so. You will put what you’ve learned to use in real-world situations and get helpful feedback. Practice teaching, helping people hands-on, and public speaking will help you be a better teacher and leader, both on and off the mat. 
  3. Community: One of the best parts of yoga teacher training is getting to know other people who want to become teachers and serious students from all over the community. This makes for an amazing group of people who are full of energy, support, and learning. 
  4. In Person and Online: We are currently taking students both in person and online! Either join us in-person at our studio in Cocoa Beach on weekends to gain valuable live teaching experience or complete your entire training at home via live and recorded sessions if visiting the studio isn’t practical.   
  5. Hybrid: The 2020 pandemic impacted all of us, and with this ever changing ways of life, Yoga Alliance expanded and added an Elevated RYS Standard that will be available until December of 2023; allowing our teacher training to offer a virtual experience by putting all of our presentations and lectures online while having an opportunity to have an in-person experience as well. This will help our students in two ways: it cuts down on the number of in-person hours, and it lets you learn at your own pace and in your own time. This makes our training even more powerful and useful by giving you guided learning to do in your own time so that when we get together, we can focus on physical practice and teaching.


You will find significant and transformative experience in this program whether you are a student hoping to deepen your own practice and knowledge base, a yoga teacher looking to learn new and effective ways to teach, or an individual seeking professional growth and leadership abilities. Before applying to our yoga teacher training, we recommend that prospective students have been practicing yoga regularly for at least 6 months.


For Hybrid 200-Hr Teacher Training tuition fee is $2,900 which includes free classes at YogaBliss throughout the training cycle.  If you sign up for our training program and pay your tuition in full prior to end of June 2023, you will receive a $500 discount.  For Fully Online, sign up for training and submit your deposit before the end of June 2023 you will receive a $250 discount (full tuition must be paid within 7 days of the start of the training.)
Veterans, active military and first responders please enquire about extra 10% discount.
Jules McDonald

July 1, 2023 12:00 am EST

December 31, 2023 11:00 pm EST

157 N Orlando Ave Unit 102 Cocoa Beach FL 32931

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