Join Anthony Alcalde for a unique yogic experience inspired by the Sacred Valley of Peru in Northern Nicaragua

Join Anthony Alcalde for a unique yogic experience inspired by the Sacred Valley of Peru in Northern Nicaragua

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This experience will give you the tools to deepen your practice and sharpen your spirit by cleansing away that which no longer serves and creating space for manifesting that which does. This is a practice of self-purification that will allow you to connect with the deep, intuitive and creative part of yourself, and will inspire you to step onto your mat as from your most aligned and luminous state of being.


According to shamanism, all disease has spiritual origins and is manifested through the subtle bodies…beginning with the energetic body, then moving to the emotional and mental bodies, and finally to the physical body. As we heal the spiritual and energetic self, the physical, mental and emotional bodies get healed along the way.


This experience unites the physical, mental and spiritual practices of each, teaching us that the knowledge and healing we seek lies within.


The Shamanic Yoga Experience combines practices of:

* Andean Cross Wisdom

* Yoga & Meditation

* Drum Journeying

* Chakra Illumination Balancing

* Sound Healing

* Plant Medicine Ceremony



Anthony Alcalde began his journey as a healer and teacher in 1998. He currently teaches various styles of Yoga Internationally. As a yoga, acroyoga instructor, thai yoga practitioner and movement educator, he finds balance through giving and receiving. Thus celebrating the spirit of connection, empowerment and playfulness in his life.

IG: @anthonyalcalde


Full Price Tuition: $350

Ceremony Only $150


Additional Accommodation & 3 Meals Cost:

Shared Room: $65 / Day
Private Room: $95 / Day


WA: +505 78501117


A $200 deposit will reserve your mat.



We offer a 30% discount for locals.

We are also open to negotiating exchange offers.

Marcia De Queiroz

December 10, 2021 12:00 am Central Standard Time

December 12, 2021 12:00 am Central Standard Time

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