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Explore the mystical hidden paradise of Komodo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to the legendary komodo dragon, while living on a traditional Phinisi boat named Natural 001. Become a certified freediver, and enjoy daily yoga, island hopping, and hiking. Komodo and surrounding islands will enthral you with its wild adventure. Visit the last dragons on earth in a land that time forgot. A remote land ruled by dragons where active volcanos rise from the ocean. Cruise around Indonesia’s most ancient natural wonders. A comfortable yet adventurous way to travel to Komodo and beyond. Relax on the deck, and indulge in the onboard jacuzzi with friends who will soon become family. Climb to the breathtaking viewpoint for sunset, stroll along virgin beaches, swim with manta rays and observe giant flying bats chasing the night while the sun gives way to a blanket of stars.


Day One – Arrival and settle into your hotel (Theory of freediving)

Day Two – Early start for a full-day exploration of Cunca waterfall, mirror cave house & Ranko Caves. Back to hotel dinner and early night sleep

Day Three – Transfer to boat Labouan to Sebayur Besar

Day Four – Sebayur besar – Gili Lawa Darat

Day Five – Gili Lawa Darat – Makassar Reef – Pink beach – komodo village

Day Six – Komodo Island – Long Beach – Padar Island

Day Seven – Padar – Rinca island – Kalong Rinca

Day Eight – Kalong rinca – Manjerite – Kelor Island – Labuan Bajo

Day Nine – Breakfast and checkout ( airport transfer) Optional trip + 3 days more details provided in WhatsApp group.



  • Airport transfers

  • Three nights in a hotel on Labuan Bajo Island (including breakfast)

  • Five nights liveaboard on The Natural 001

  • Three healthy, delicious daily Meals while onboard The Natural 001

  • Afternoon Coffee / Tea & drinking water onboard The Natural 001

  • Snorkelling Equipment & life jackets

  • Entertainment facilities, including a jacuzzi

  • Daily yoga, breathwork & meditation

  • Freediving Certification Course

  • Ranko Caves exploration, including breakfast & lunch (on day two)

  • English-speaking local guide


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The YAMA family warmly invites you to come and connect in nature to have a therapeutic experience filled with workshops, adventure, food, sharing, co-creation, relaxation, love and play. Set in some of the world’s most exotic locations. Welcome to paradise, Welcome to YAMA 



The YAMA experiences are adventurous, mindful, globe-trotting boutique retreats.  Each trip is unique, wild and wonderful and captures this common theme of celebrating life in colour through dance, arts, music, yoga, and connection with ourselves and others while exploring the raw elements of nature. We are not just a yoga retreat! Our feature of difference is that we provide a range of adventure activities, movement styles, breathwork and arts. So flow with life, find your freedom and travel with like-minded soon-to-be lifelong friends. 


Our trips are LGBT & gender-inclusive. The theme we wish to encapsulate is festive vibes, a sense of freedom, openness and connectedness. Suppose you are free-spirited, fun and fabulous. Then you are perfect for our trips!

The average age of our groups is 20-55 years old. However, you are only as old as you act :).  Most, but not all, of our trips are physically demanding (trip dependent) and may require a moderate fitness level. However, we encourage anyone open to the challenge to come along. If you believe you can do it, then you can! 

Let us take you on a life-changing, soul-soothing journey. Learn, live and experience the local culture and native arts while establishing techniques to create inner peace and self-awareness skills to integrate you into life back home.




Anyone may be a part of our community. No prerequisites exist for participating as long as you act with integrity, care and respect.



We encourage you to share your unique gift at this gathering. YAMA is a space to express yourself through what brings you joy. What you share could be everything and anything from a hugging workshop to music, games, play, arts, singing, creativity, culinary, performance and dance. Shine through sharing. It’s great for the soul. 


Radical self-expression is our thang – dressing up in exotic locations and taking epic misfit shots. Be outrageous. The more outrageous, the better. Everyone is free to be whoever they want as long as it doesn’t harm others and the environment. We recommend (glitter-free) recycled or second-hand fashion. 


Leave no trace. Just make memories.  We are passionate about the natural world, and as visitors, we are responsible for keeping it clean.  YAMA fam love a beach clean! It’s SEXY! When our community gets involved.  We are working with Climate Force and Reforest Now to give back to the earth and our feathered, furry and scaly friends. 


Learning should be fun. There are many opportunities to learn on a YAMA experience, whether it be from the community gifting or through our professional, fun young facilitators. Some of our trips also offer intensive learning and certifications (trip dependent). All our retreats are unique and provide different opportunities for self-development and growth on a physical and mental level.  


Ensure you have all the items you’ll need during the entire retreat. For guidance, we will provide a packing list for each experience. So that you dont forget your toothbrush or your passport 😉

We can’t wait to create something beautiful with you.


Elissa Chrisson

March 10, 2023 12:00 am INDONESIA

March 18, 2023 12:00 am INDONESIA

Labuan Bajo - Indonesia

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