KUNDALINI YOGA AND MEDITATION MINI RETREAT – Awaken to your multidimensional being

KUNDALINI YOGA AND MEDITATION MINI RETREAT – Awaken to your multidimensional being

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Curious to experience and embody your individual wisdom and the vitality of
Kundalini yoga?
Dynamic meditation?
Cultivating life force energy and channeling it through you, into the life around you?
Building more subtly, sensitivity and awareness?
Integrating a wider understanding of your Self as a multi dimensional being through focus and experience?

You are warmly welcomed and invited to a intuitive mini retreat in the north Pacific tropical coastal paradise of Nicaragua

Kundalini yoga is a profoundly transformational practice, blending breathwork, movement, mantra, Mediation, stillness, and relaxation. These technologies give the opportunity to build an all encompassing awareness of your multidimensional self and inner guidance. Whilst cleansing, strengthening and balancing the central nervous system, lymphatic system, endocrine system, and meridian energy channels.

This workshop is based in the teaching of The 10 bodies; that we not only have our physical body, combined with the Soul body, but introduces three mental bodies (Positive/expansive, negative/protective, neutral/meditative) and 5 more energetic bodies (Arcline, Auric, Pranic, Subtle and Radiant) that make us multi dimensional beings.

Over three days we will come together through daily practice of

Kundalini Yoga Kriya’s (formulaic sets of action for a specific outcome)

Dynamic mediations, combining Mantra (sound vibration), Mudra (hand positioning), and movements, that can leads to breakthroughs in the layers of the unconscious mind

Pranayam (breathwork techniques) that effect and alter our consciousness

Body locks, learning how to cultivate, store, and direct your creative energy

An Interpretation of the 10 bodies

Integration circles and partner exercises

The workshop will be held to the highest of integrity, intuition, and kindness.
Based in the understanding of co creation: YOU and the energy you bring, are a vital part of it’s unfolding
If you feel directed to deepen and balance your awareness and experience of being human and spirit, and better understand how to cultivate your vital creative energy. It will be an honour to receive and explore with you.

Rosie Poppette // IG @sat_nam_sister
Rose has been practicing and teaching Kundalini since discovering it’s teachings on the beautiful island of Bali in 2018.
Having a spontaneous Kundalini awakening in the Himalayas in 2015, with no prior understanding, led her on her path to Kundalini yoga and mediation, Taoist Tantric arts, feminine embodiments practices and self knowledge through various forms of contemplation, resources and connection in community.
Rose has been living in Nicaragua for the last year and a half and offering practices on the island of Ometepe. She loves to dance, commune with nature, write, sing and share the smiling energy from within.

  • Pricing
    Full workshop – Three days two nights at Amaru, including 6 meals adjusted to all eating requirements
    2-3 people shared room with AC and private bathroom $336
    single room $ 396

  • Retreat schedule
    Starting 4pm Sunday 28th
    Until 2pm Tuesday 30th

There will be a mix of morning and evening in the schedule with enough space to relax and enjoy the magical setting, sea and surf during the afternoons

Two early morning Aquarian Sadhana practices will be offered Monday and Tuesday morning at 4.30am.
Sadhana is optional alongside the workshop for those who feel called to experience rising before the sun with Kundalini practice and Mantra

Marcia De Queiroz

November 26, 2021 12:00 am Central Standard Time

November 28, 2021 12:00 am Central Standard Time

Amaru Wellbeing Resort

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