Luxury Bio-hacking & Ayahuasca Retreat Peru

Luxury Bio-hacking & Ayahuasca Retreat Peru

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Are you looking to hit the restart button? To manifest and reconnect with your inner being? Honour your unique magic on the sacred lands of the Incas in Peru and make space for new realities during this luxury Peruvian Yoga Retreat. 

The option to sit with Ayahuasca and our trusted Peruvian Shaman is available in the last day 4 days of the retreat.

This 12-Day Peru yoga retreat is designed to take you through a fulfilling journey within your deeper self with encouragement and support from four (4) Soul School guides who will be accompanying you through this journey. Soul school guides you through experiential teachings. Each day begins with meditation and self-awareness yoga practices, allowing you to disconnect while reconnecting with your presence and body. Our focus stems from the energy centers of the human body and mindfulness through:

Yoga Practices (Asana), Reiki, Meditation, Sound journeying, Biohacking, Day Trekking

Where Luxury Meets Spiritual Awakening

During your time in Peru, you can enjoy the many spa facilities set in a beautiful mountain setting. They include but not limited to: infrared sauna, herbal vapour sauna, dry sauna, salt cave, temazcal, hot tub, pool & ice plunge pool, and fire pit. Munay Sonqo combines serene lush landscapes nestled in an oasis of native plants and fruit trees.

Be captivated by the power of the mountains and enjoy one of the most energetically charged places on the Earth. The staff of Munay Sonqo embody love, care, and hospitality to help you feel safe and at home. Your experience on this yoga retreat will be found in the ethos of authenticity, respect, and holistic wellness.


Sierra Armstrong

February 1, 2023 1:00 pm

February 12, 2023 1:00 pm

Munay Sonqo


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