Maluhia Yoga Retreat

Maluhia Yoga Retreat

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Maluhia Yoga Retreat.

A place of serenity.

A place of calmness.

A place of peace.

This. place. is. within. you.


It’s a place where Magic happens.

Be part of this magical journey.

To You. For You. Through You.



daily yoga and meditation with reiki healing

guided breathing journey

cacao ceremony

ecstatic dance

sun- & stargazing

cleansing ritual

kirtan & music session

vegan cooking class

healthy, nourishing & vegan meals

final ceremony


The property is privately situated at the foot of a powerful volcano. The large garden of palm trees and fruit & vegetable trees invites you to relax.

The pool is heated so that bathing is always enjoyable.

This healing place is your space to relax and recharge your batteries, reconnect to yourself, get creative and let yourself be pampered.


Soul food 

Daily vegan brunch & 3-course dinner, harmonised to your chakras.

Healthy, vibrant food is the key to a fit body & clear mind.

Be excited about fresh, creatively prepared and wholesome vegan meals.

Allergies or intolerances will be considered. Just let us know in time.



The Canary Islands represent the seven chakras. Fuerteventura reflects the third eye.

The third eye characterises intuition, the spiritual heart and the recognition of our true nature.

The perfect place for a yoga retreat!

The mix of rocky, volcanic landscape and the deep blue sea are simply unique. White, sandy Caribbean beaches complement the magical island.

The sunny island of Fuerteventura is one of the most popular destination in winter with an average temperature of 20-22 degrees in March.


What is included?

• accomodation for 6 nights (7 days)

• full board & snacks and beverage

• daily yoga and meditation

• guided breathing journey

• evening program including ceremonies, incense sticks & cacao

• vegan cooking class

• mindfulness and relaxation exercises for body, mind, soul and heart


About Pia 

I’m here to guide you through the yoga classes, being your contact person all the time & ready to give you a heartfelt hug.

Years ago I started my career as a fitness instructor. Done lots of classes – met a lot of amazing people – added lots of further educations.

Especially in doing Yoga I could find my greatest fulfilment as I’m able to add my creative side as well as my spiritual one.

My heart’s desire is to create a place where you allow yourself to dive deep inside and experience how to awaken your energy & light.


About Tanja 

9 years ago I got into the topics of personal development, physical and mental health & spirituality.

Spiritual practice has been a big part of my everyday life for 4 years and during the last 2 years I have completed various trainings and qualifications.

My vision is to connect women with their hearts and their intuition, to work with their feminine power.  To create a safe space letting go what notlonger lerves you, vulnerability, feelings and rebirth.

As a Holistic Life and Epigenetics Coach, I support women on their way to acceptance and unconditional self-love.


Are you ready to join?

We are looking forward to create a magical time 

with you! 

Book your spot now.

Pia Niessen

March 12, 2023 3:00 pm UTC +/-0

March 18, 2023 11:00 am UTC +/-0

Lajares, Fuerteventura


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