Nuyulu Yoga Retreat

Nuyulu Yoga Retreat

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Nuyulu Yoga Retreat – last minute opportunity! 

Consider this retreat an invitation to leave the last year behind, recharge your heart, and renew your whole self. Escape to Mizata, an exquisite jungle resort on the Pacific Coast of El Salvador, for 7 days of rejuvenation. We’ll practice yoga in the mornings and evenings, with the middle of the day left to you to enjoy and rest in the beauty of Mizata’s wild beauty. 

Retreat program: 

  • Daily sunrise yoga on a beach-front yoga deck
  • Evening meditation, Yoga Nidra, and sound baths
  • All-inclusive nourishment at NAWI farm-to-table restaurant
  • A full-body massage
  • Access to a full quiver of surfboards
  • Horseback riding on the beach
  • Roundtrip shuttle from the airport (see info about travel in El Salvador below)

Dates: March 2-8, 2021 (Yes, it’s soon! This is a chance for a spontaneous, nourishing week for YOU!)


All of our yoga sessions will be accessible to all levels of experience. We’ll begin our mornings with vinyasa yoga, linking our breath to movement, building up a sweat, and releasing into a sweet stretch. In the evenings, we’ll practice restorative yoga: taking on just a few gentle postures, practicing stillness, allowing ourselves to slow down, soften, and fully relax.


In addition to breath-based meditation, we’ll meditate on the wild beauty of the ocean and jungle surrounding us. In the evenings, we will practice Yoga Nidra, a form of meditation that will bring you to the edge between sleeping and wakefulness, allowing simultaneous deep awareness and blissful rest. 

World-Class Surfing:

Mizata enjoys waves when all other breaks are flat, with 340 days of swell each year. There are five Surf Breaks within walking distance and a beginner surf break just five minutes down the beach. If you’re looking for the most consistent and uncrowded wave in El Salvador – this is it!


Shared suite for four overlooking the ocean. Suites have big balcony with ocean views, luxe bathrooms, and a living room. Ten steps to the ocean! (Option to reserve suites for double or single occupancy.) 

About Catherine: 

Catherine Haut is a Yoga & Wellness instructor based in Costa Rica who teaches yoga classes designed to connect students to their bodies, minds, and most fulfilling lives. Since 2018, she has trained and taught over 500 hours at the Nexus Institute of  Yoga & Wellness in Nosara, Costa Rica. She has also taught at The Yoga Farm and The Sanctuary at Two Rivers. In her home base of Santa Teresa, Catherine teaches Vinyasa, Yoga for Surfers, and Restorative Yoga. Inspired by the profound healing and growth she has found through her practice, it’s her passion to share the gift of yoga. Learn more about Catherine here. 

COVID Precautions:

  • All visitors to El Salvador are required to present a negative PCR COVID test result to enter the country. 
  • Mizata is committed to providing you with life-changing experiences and part of that is to keep you happy and healthy before, during and after your stay. The resort follows the highest U.S. health and safety standards and because of Mizata’s isolated location, the resort is low-risk.
  • We have yoga mats to offer guests. If you decide to use one of Mizata’s mats, it will be yours for the entirety of the retreat. Guests are also invited to bring their own mats.

Travel in El Salvador

  • Flying in: El Salvador International Airport (SAL)
  • The visa for US citizens costs $12 and will be issued at the airport. No prior paperwork is necessary and it is best to pay in cash.
  • Mizata’s complimentary private shuttle service will take you from the airport to the resort and will bring you back to the airport at the end of the retreat. The ride to Mizata is 90 minutes.
  • If you have any questions about traveling in El Salvador, please be in touch. I have had many detailed discussions about traveling in El Salvador with the amazing team at Mizata, and I’ll be happy to connect you so you can hear from them about this sometimes misunderstood, exquisitely beautiful country.

From Catherine: I am SO delighted to get the chance to share this special place and journey of renewing and rejuvenation with you. If you have questions or interest, please be in touch! 


IG: @cat_haut

Catherine Haut

March 2, 2021 2:00 pm GMT-6

March 8, 2021 11:00 am GMT-6

Mizata | The Antiresort
Playa Mizata, El Salvador


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