21 Day Personal Retreat: You and Natures Magic

21 Day Personal Retreat: You and Natures Magic

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Come and join us in the jungle for a 2-3 week personal retreat. Soak in the vibrant smells and sounds of the jungle. Sip rich, crisp coffee and start your day with the rhythms of nature.

La Choza is a place to disconnect from overstimulating urban life and come back to the overflowing harmony of nature. With onsite waterfalls, outdoor showers, breathtaking views, an open air yoga shala and cozy sleeping spaces, La Choza is a hidden gem in the rainforest.

During these retreats we open our retreat center for only 4-6 guests at a time. All facilities are yours as are the trails and waterfalls. With yoga sessions are taught 3- times a week though you can practice as much as you like! Accommodations can be private or shared. Food is provided and one meal a day catered for you. Its a magical time, all for you.

Our Retreat Center and Nature Reserve

The Choza is known for its magic as a place to disconnect from busy lives and re-connect with ourselves, each other and with our place in nature. As human population and progress encroach on the the Earths finite resources, species are on the decline, our communities face declining wellbeing, and invaluable cultural knowledge and skills are lost, leaving us unable to live in balance with our world.

La Choza is dedicated to nature, the protection of it and offers a variety of ways for individuals and groups to connect, and live with nature. It is a magical place, which offers much relaxation and focus, off the beaten path, with its own river and waterfalls on property.

We have a large yoga shala, community kitchen and living space, a viewpoint reflective space, and many trails through our onsite farm and jungle, including to an onsite river and waterfalls. Accommodations are two handcrafted wooden bunk rooms (2 people each) and a shared casita (1-2 people). We have both outdoor showers, composting toilets and a private indoor bathroom & shower facility. All our facilities are beautiful handcrafted wooden structures.

What Makes Us Special?

We are a little off the beaten track! Our local community is one of the last indigenous communities left in Costa Rica. This area is a true rural community of Costa Rica, not an area of high tourism. There is much opportunity for cultural exchange, simple jungle life and our nearest neighbor, Mastatal is a mecca for permaculture, with much on offer to learn from Tico and Gringo fincas.

This is a longer retreat of 2 to 3 weeks, for the sole purpose of giving you time for whatever intention you bring to your personal retreat. We offer longer stays for deeper emersion. Our philosophy is to do this at a price that is affordable for many. We also purposefully limit personal retreats to 6 people or less to give more space and privacy for you to recharge, roam and practice.

The restorative magic of the jungle is yours along with our full facilities for up to 3 weeks.

The Program

All facilities are dedicated to you as are the trails and waterfalls. With time to immerse yourself fully, you’ll be able to take a breath and focus deeply on your intentions. This is designed personal time just for you, in the beauty of nature.

Yoga sessions are taught 3-4 times a week though you can practice as much as you like! you have full use of the yoga shala and viewpoint event space.

We have wifi at the community house/ kitchen if you need to remote work or simply stay connected. The rest of the property is connection free – only nature.

Food is provided for self catering and one meal a day catered for you. Snacks, tea, coffee and water are always available as is fruit from the farm. Food will be provided for self catering. Fruits and roots are also available on the Choza farm. One meal a day will be catered. Our kitchen is largely vegetarian. Eggs and simple proteins can be supplemented on request. Fruits, smoothies and costa rican coffee are abundant.

Imagine waking up in the deep jungle in a cozy wooden casita. Sunrise filters through the dense foliage and a symphony of birdsong and flowing waterfalls serenade you. This could be the start of your day, every day for 3 weeks. Costa Rican coffee, Yoga, then make your way to the open-air shala for meditation and movement. Lay your busy mind at rest and enjoy nature.

Spend time remote working, practicing yoga, hiking the trails and visiting the waterfalls or reading at the viewpoint. Watch for toucans and macaws. The days are your own itinerary.

We will provide food and a daily meal catered for you and taught yoga 3-4 times a week. The rest is for your freedom.

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to drive radical change in our relationship with the natural world, one person at a time.

After 15 years of dedicated reforestation and careful creation, the Choza provides a place that serves as a sanctuary for individuals to connect with nature, seek solace from the chaotic aspects of society, heal, and actively contribute to the preservations and care of the natural environment. The Choza offers an opportunity to restore balance and harmony by immersing oneself in curated experiences that foster a deep connection with nature. It encourages individuals to embrace the role of a steward, taking responsibility for the well-being and conservation of the natural world.

Collaborating with artists, academics and influencers, we inspire change that propels profound change in our collective bond with nature. Together, we are building a vibrant community that supports and encourages embracing the steps needed to live life abundantly and in harmony with the natural world.

Come and join is in the magic of nature.

Julia Hunter



Choza Del Mundo, Conception, Puriscal, San Jose County



Choza Del Mundo

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