Retreat: “Rise & Shine” with Priya

Retreat: “Rise & Shine” with Priya

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Get out of exhaustion, lack of energy and fatigue.Pure joy of life, lightness and clarity!

Our personal being often suffers from stress, pressure to perform and sensory overload. Sometimes we lose the feeling for ourselves, for others and our environment.

Just as we need to make sure our bodies are getting healthy, high-energy food, our minds and souls need time to retreat as well. We devote ourselves to our innermost being and draw new strength. We pause to calmly get closer to our Self and thereby strengthen ourselves. In this way, we can connect with our creative power and use it as a source to shape our lives with ease and joy – and maybe even make our heart’s desire finally come true!

The <Rise & Shine> program is a holistic concept for body, mind & soul – a fusion of scientifically proven know-how, body & energy and mindset work as well as strategies for concrete implementation in everyday life.

It consists of the following elements:

  • Awareness = including knowledge and know-how on the energetic connections between body, mind and soul
  • Body work = including breathing exercises, dance and music
  • Energy work = including Shaktipat (Indian healing work), imaginary journeys or meditations
  • Development of potential = including methods for discovering authentic being
  • Transformation = including shamanic rituals (e.g. creating a sand picture, a joint fire ceremony)
  • Implementation into everyday life = including strategies, tips, exercises
  • Enjoyment = Relax, let yourself be pampered and enjoy the amenities of the hotel.

Your included additional services:

  • Your choice of room for 3 nights and all golden inclusive services.
  • Our 3/4 pampering board
  • Seminar fee
  • Daily exercise and relaxation programme
  • You can find more information about Priya Maria Ender HERE

About the hospitality:

Away from everyday life, at an altitude of 1,700 m, on the sunny plateau of the Arlberg, you experience complete freedom, dramatic panoramic views, car-free winters, calm and pure nature, surrounded by an attentive team who are there to take care of your needs. The motto is: Your journey of self-discovery – “ME TREAT” at its finest.
We have selected warm colours and natural, local material for our rooms and suites, giving you an environment with plenty of room for your well-being and happiness. Oberlech is a place of energy where above-average energy levels have been measured. What’s more, our rooms are screened from energy-sapping and health-damaging rays and electro smog.


September 21, 2023 4:00 pm UTC+2

September 24, 2023 12:00 am UTC+2

We create the framework, and you create the stories; stories full of pleasure, wonderful encounters, and lovely people. Step right in, and take your place. Hereby you will feel the strength and energy of nature on all levels as the Goldener Berg with a wonderful view of the Lech mountains is a true source of energy.

Goldener Berg
Oberlech 117
6764 Oberlech


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