Rewrite your Essence – Start the New Year Fresh, Rejuvenated, and at Peace with Jen Chun

Rewrite your Essence – Start the New Year Fresh, Rejuvenated, and at Peace with Jen Chun

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As we near the closing of a bizarre year, permeated with uncertainty and fear, it is time to cleanse and rid ourselves of the negative, low vibrational frequencies that impact our health and wellness. In this special retreat, clear the energies of sickness, pandemic, manipulation, fear, drama, and trauma from your being. Reset your energetic vibration to its true and natural essence, in alignment with your soul. And from this space of connection to your true self, establish the best and highest good for your 2021.

You will receive and experience clearings, activations, downloads, angelic templates, clarity, and more!

Join us for this transformational 6 days because you deserve to start the new year fresh, rejuvenated, and at peace.

During this retreat you will be served 3 times a day with fresh, nourishing and deliciously prepared meals and juices, snacks and coffee troughout your day.

USD 650 3 bed room
USD 850 Double private room
USD 1050 Single room


6 nights in simple and elegant room including AC and daily cleaning
Use of all facilities including, pool, surfboards, bicylces, slackline and yoga equipment
3 lovingly prepared meals and fresh juices, coffee and tea daily workshops


Airport transfer
Activities like horseback riding, surf lessons, volcano hiking, massages

Shedule Preview

December 26 – Arrival day – Check in after 3 pm
Welcome dinner and get together

Dec 27
Welcome meditation /general introduction & year rewiew

Dec 28
Grounding meditation / connecting to your soul
Clearing the past

Dec 29
Activation – Desires of the future
Full moon ceremony at the beach

Dec 30
optional one on one meetings with Jen
Dinner out (meet the locals)

Dec 31
Intending the new year

Jan 01 – final day – check out 11 am
Final Alignments & farewel ceremony

About the faciliator Jen Chun

Jen is an inspirational speaker, spiritual teacher, and weaver of light. Her mission in life is to initiate, facilitate, and stimulate spiritual growth and transformation. Soft spoken yet powerful Jen is an earnest guide to anyone who wishes to engage in making profound changes and bettering themselves or their life. 

An impactful and dynamic speaker, and with a natural ability to sense people’s emotions and energies, Jen has been providing guidance and facilitating healing, soul connection, and metamorphosis to many individuals and groups around the world. 

Jen lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and loves Latin dance, good food, and masterfully hand-made objects.

Marcia De Queiroz

December 26, 2020 12:00 am CST

January 1, 2020 12:00 am CST

Amaru Wellbeing Resort
El Viejo, Punta Aposentillo


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