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it’s a workshop for each of you dear  sacred sister.
I am a yogi, musician, violinist, artist, traveler, mother. I like to talk about myself as a woman with passion and dreams. Sharing my experience gathered from many distant journeys around the world and these multidimensional journeys around the Universe, my spiritual practices, and many years of yoga practice are for me the key to healing and inspiration to go on the path of transformation every day. I have met many wonderful teachers on my path of development who have planted beautiful seeds in my heart that sprout to “Now”. I also realized after many years of looking inside myself that “The Best Master – Teacher” showing the way of destiny is my own body, soul and heart …
With love for myself and respect for all relationships on Mother Earth, I try to flow through life in harmony. Self-acceptance, spiritual development, courage to reach for my dreams and daily discipline in working on the “best version of myself” is my path, which I call life … this is my personal Archetype of My Goddess.
I have been working very closely with Mireia Berdun for many years. She is my spiritual guide close to my heart, the Medical Woman, who has understood the energy of sacred plants and their healing powers for many years.
Together with Mireia, traveling and accompanying her during women’s workshops, I develop my knowledge, intuition and women’s awareness.
Each circle is a new meeting for me, a new opportunity to get to know and realize how much we can change, knowing our value, strength, self-respect and female power.
Together we can do anything.
Daily practices of Shakti Yoga Flow, chanting high-energy Mantras, guided Meditations and Medicine of Mother Cacao gonna led us through this weekend. The sacred practice that I had prepared for us strongly will moves our hearts space and open ourselves deeply to transformation, healing and unconditional love for ourselves and love to whole planet of Mother Earth.
Shakti Yoga Flow Practice
It is a dance yoga practice that has its origins also in the practice of Kundalini. Shakti energy is a symbol of the power of the divine, infinite, feminine energy of the Universe. It is Divine Power – Energy that each of us carries in our hearts. Its reactivation during subtle, slow-performing yoga poses (called flowing asanas) leads to deeper self-acceptance and elevates our creativity potential to higher vibrations. Shakti Flow relaxes, energizes our body and unblocks our “energy body” from any blockages and tensions. We achieve a state of relaxation and deep silence inside us thanks to the great attention to our needs flowing from the body.
Anyone can do Shakti Flow Yoga. Anyone who wants to look deeper inside themselves and their health and emotional needs. No preparation is needed to awaken this wonderful energy of creativity in us. All you need is the will and courage to stand on the mat and start the process of transformation towards light, health and love.
During our women’s meeting, I would like to share with you the medicine of Mother Cacao.
Ceremonial Cacao
is the keeper of wisdom, teacher and spiritual guide at our meeting. Just as maternal energy opens our hearts to unconditional love, “Mother Cacao” will help us, first of all, to dive into the heart chakra and tell us how to flow through the rivers of life with self-acceptance and unconditional love. So that we could finally bloom like a flower with a sense of security and acceptance of all feelings and experiences.
Mother Cacao’s medicine allows us to free ourselves from energy blockages, heals us, strengthens us, gives clarity to our goals, stimulates our creativity and vitality. It gives us strength and power.
Working with Cacao, however, above all, awakens our love. Love for ourselves, because only from the place of love, everything blooms in our hearts.
I have prepared Ceremonial Songs for you, which were given to me by my spiritual teachers. Music is the best medicine to the soul, celebrate life and enjoy joy in the heart. The vibrations of the Songs of the Heart and Sacred Mantras referring to our feminine energy will lead us to the highest vibrations .
Feminine Power & Joni & Blood of Life
(Creating a Safety Belt)
The history of the Power Belt derives mainly from the Andean Tradition. The lunar belt was an instrument of women who knew and passed down from generation to generation knowledge of the phases of the moon, the power of energy transformation associated with our sacred waters, and how during menstruation our sensitivity and intuition allows us to deeper vision and feelings, but also power the manifestation of our dreams that sprout at that time. The belt is used under clothing, at the height of the solar plexus, to protect us from the loss of our vital energy and from external energies.
The belt consists of a string or a strip of red fabric in a red color. This color is characterized by strength, passion and health. The most important thing for the belt to give us strength is that it should be made by yourself. We decorate it according to our intuition and feeling with herbs, tobacco, essential oils, stones and flowers. However, tobacco is always the backbone of our belt. This sacred plant has been used for centuries for spiritual work in which we ask the Great Spirit of Mother Earth and 4 directions for blessing and energy protection.
The time of menstruation is our sacred time and creating a brace is a ritual that will allow you to understand the power you have within you.
April 22-24, 2022
Święty Gaj ( Kłodzko) POLAND
800 PLN / 170 Euro
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You will reserve a place by making an advance payment of PLN 400 by the date 15/04/2022
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