Sacred Himalayan Pilgrimage – Take Your Yoga to a New Level!

Sacred Himalayan Pilgrimage – Take Your Yoga to a New Level!

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Take your yoga to a new level with a journey into the heart of Yoga – the Himalayas!

Sacred Himalayan Pilgrimage: JOURNEY TO THE SOURCE OF GANGA

Join us on a transformative journey to the Mountains. Following the footsteps of pilgrims and sages, we reach the source of Ganga, where we can touch the source of our own being.

– Deepen your own practice with meditation and yoga
– Explore ashrams, temples, caves, colourful bazaars and more
– Dive deep into the profound spirituality of India
– Immerse yourself in the sacred waters of Gang​a
– Walk the ancient pathway to the awe-inspiring Gomukh
– Meditate in caves blessed by yogis and saints
– Awaken to the magnificence of Shivaling at dawn
– Experience the silence of the song of the mountains
– Spend time in Satsang with saints and yogis​​

Early Bird: 2,500 NZD (~1750USD) until February 31st 2019

Full Price: 2,995 NZD (~2100USD)

500 NZD (~350 USD)  deposit to secure your ticket

Note: We’ll charge you in NZD (USD price in brackets is just for reference)

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Jenny Cottingham

2019-05-27 00:00:00 UTC+0

2019-06-12 23:59:59 UTC+0



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