Sailing the Greek Islands

Sailing the Greek Islands

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Connect With Your Deepest Calm

Sailing the blue waters of the Mediterranean you will rediscover ancient ports and tap into a sense of timeless peace.  From swimming and snorkeling in the crystal waters to strolling along the cobblestone streets of the quintessential white-washed villages, get ready to explore the magic of Greece for a trip of a lifetime!

We will set sail on a Sun Odyssey 519 (2020) with 5 cabins and a 52′ monohull.

Day 1: Epidavros

Fly into Athens airport and shuttle/taxi to Kalamaki Marina

Depart the marina for Epidavros

Enjoy your first swim in the salty, buoyant, blue Mediterranean healing waters

Enjoy a traditional Greek meal at a famous local tavern where Henry Miller sat and stated, “The road to Epidavros is like the road to creation. One stops searching. One grows silent, stilled by the hush of mysterious beginnings.”

Day 2: Poros

Enjoy local, organic, breakfast on the boat carefully curated by our beloved cousin

Explore the ancient theater in Epidavros where Hippocrates encouraged people to retreat out of the city when they fell into dis-ease

Practice tai chi and learn the beautiful practice of Sand Painting. Sail to the cove of the sunken city for snorkeling

Arrive at the quintessential island of Poros and enjoy a gentle stroll along the water

Day 3: Ermioni

Wake up in the sweet fishing port of Poros and enjoy a fresh, locally sourced breakfast on the boat

Set sail to Ermioni, a tranquil town built on the tip of a peninsula, where the first regatta of the world was created

Practice tai chi and meditation at one of the oldest temples of Athena

Day 4: Spetses

Sail to the historic island of Spetses, an island known for its elegant atmosphere full of impressive Mediterranean mansions and tranquil atmosphere due to lack of cars

Anchor in a secluded cove for the night under the stars

Day 5: Hydra

Sail to the impressive stone-built town of Hydra which is famous for its crystal clear waters, lack of motor transportation, quaint villages, international galleries, and beautiful architecture

Hydra offers a mystical energy. It is an island with no roads or cars, and the main transportation is donkeys

Day 6: Aegina

Anchor right outside the picturesque port of Aegina where we will enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of local restaurants, shops, and cafes

Aegina played a major role in the Greek revolution fighting against the Turks.  From 1827-29 the island was declared the capital of the partially liberated Greece

The island was a favorite home and writing place for Nikos Kazantzakis the prolific author of Zorba the Greek, The Last Temptation of Christ, and more

Day 7: Kalamaki

Enjoy a visit to the most intact Temple of Athena where we will practice tai chi and meditation

As we make our way back to the port, we will enjoy shopping for any last-minute souvenirs before sailing back to arrive in Kalamaki in the late afternoon

*Itinerary is subject to change, but you will visit all of these beautiful places. We allow the winds to determine where we travel to ensure that we are not going against the flow of nature.

Explore the enchanting Greek islands, the culture, music and culinary heaven alongside world travelers Ray and Nina Crist.

Relax on the deck as we embark to each location, or improve your sailing skills alongside your captains!

Ray Crist

July 22, 2023 12:00 am

July 29, 2023 12:00 am

Alimos Marina, Marina in Kalamaki, Attica Alimos 174 55, Greece


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