Sankalpa, set heartfelt intention that will come true

Sankalpa, set heartfelt intention that will come true

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Do you want to get the results of your resolutions? Do you want to manifest your dreams? Sanksrit word in the yoga world, Sankalpa, is often translated as intention, resolve, or heartfelt desire.

This course will help you subconsciously direct all your energies toward completing your heartfelt intention. All these practices in this course are designed to help you manifest your heart’s desires. Make your dreams come true.

In this course you will receive:

🌸 1. Short introduction video
🌸 2. Five one-hour yoga sessions specially designed to help you set your intention.
🌸 3. Yoga Nidra is designed to bring set Sankalpa and also bring healing energy into your life.
🌸 4. Meditation with sankalpa
🌸 5. Sankalpa Journal, this morning journal will help you stay connected with your Sankalpa, each month take a printout and write it every morning to keep you connected with your Sankalpa

Sunita Patil


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