Shakti Connection

Shakti Connection

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This is an invitation for you, brave, wild, and unwavering woman full of love:

Come to say goodbye to this year and welcome 2023 together with a tribe of equally inspiring women that like you, are on their spiritual quest. Let’s get intoxicated only with cacao and dance, learning, healing and dreaming together. We will make this encounter a perpetual moment of connection and love, aligning ourselves together for new beginnings.

Located in the heart of the mountains of Quimbaya, Colombia, the Anahata ranch welcomes you to five magical days of connection with nature and with your sacred feminine. We, Andrea and Jenny, will be your guides for five days of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practices, pranayamas, meditation, yoga philosophy, word circles, fire and cacao ceremonies, static dance and beautiful rituals to share between sisters under the beauty of Pachamama, our Mother Earth.

As a participant you will be able to enjoy an assisted morning yoga practice that will allow you to explore your potential on and off the mat. The pranayama, chanting and meditation sessions will have an amazing landscape of mountains, clouds and the melodious sound of the La Vieja River as a backdrop. We will share and sing around the fire in the maloca of the seven chakras and will be canoeing on the La Vieja River to then hike to immerse ourselves in the waters of an impressive waterfall.

Your retreat includes three daily meals prepared with organic food grown in the Anahata ranch’s own garden. The vegetarian and vegan menu has been chosen as part of the yogic experience to keep the body light and clean. Additionally, each woman will enjoy an Ayurvedic massage from careful and expert hands. Thank you for accepting this invitation to continue awakening in a space created and shared with much love. It will be epic and your presence will only contribute to this dream.


Andrea Rojas

December 29, 2022 3:00 pm EST

January 2, 2023 1:00 pm EST

Quimbaya, Quindío

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