Spiritual Soul Mastery – 5-week one on one online program. Start Any time!

Spiritual Soul Mastery – 5-week one on one online program. Start Any time!

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This is a one on one program that can be started any time!

When I first started practicing Reiki 12 years ago, I discovered I had the ability to “see/know” people traumas and past emotional experiences.

I am combining my more traditional Trauma/Grief Recovery Healing with my Spiritual gifts to provide a faster and deeper healing experience for clients over a 6 week period. This coaching program will be facilitated on zoom and along with coaching, clients will receive a variety of additional resources to support their healing journey.

This is ONLY available one on one.

I will meet with clients for 1 hr/ twice a week on zoom for 5 weeks. That’s 10 one on one coaching sessions plus a tonne of resources and free access to some of my online programs.

I will help you to clearly understand and identify all past unresolved emotional experiences and the limiting beliefs created by them.

The healing journey includes my intuitive guidance, an evidence based approach to find completion to the pain, and spiritual practices (Theta Healing, Meditation, Trauma Informed Yoga, etc) as well as Compassionate Inquiry (Dr. Gabor Mate approach).

After the 5 weeks clients will have to knowledge and tools to continue their journey on their own.

ONCE REGISTERED and ready to start you can book your first session here: https://calendly.com/kimwilkinsoncoaching/45-minute-channeling-session?

For payment plan options visit: https://empoweredlife.teachable.com/p/spiritual-soul-mastery


Kim Wilkinson

March 30, 2022 12:00 pm mnt


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