The Love Revolution Retreat

The Love Revolution Retreat

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Create your own personal love revolution

If you’re ready to allow love to transform your life and welcome it in as the limitless and infinite resource it is to create a happy and joyful existence, then join me in glorious Italy and immerse yourself in the land of love for an entire week.  Using the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, yoga and sound healing as our guides, this retreat is for you if you want to expand the love in your life and create your own personal love revolution.

Life and love in Italy

You’ve got that gorgeous sun kissed feeling that the last days of summer always bring but you’re also feeling the lick of a cool breeze over your skin and can sense a tingling from within that tells you something incredible is about to happen.  More than the seasons are changing as you gaze into La Rosa’s turquoise pool and feel waves of love wash over you.  In fact what better way to cleanse oneself of the old and unhelpful and emerge refreshed and loved up than to dive right into this glorious water – and so you do!.  You rise, glistening, just knowing that this week in glorious Puglia is going to be divine.

Come with me to a place I know to be filled with love and divine energy, a place that has experienced generations of family, lovingly cultivating its land and restoring its essence, intentionally into a place of deep, loving retreat. And in this place you’ll find your tribe of lovers, love seekers and love givers, you’ll find kindred spirits peeling back the layers of life to reveal their incredible worth. And you’ll discover your unique awesomeness and most importantly find peace with exactly who you are.

Each day we rise in devotion to Mother Nature, we honour our bodies, our breath, our mind and spirit with the practice of yoga, gently letting Ayurvedic wisdom guide us back to our truest nature, to our innate ability to love deeply. Accompanied by the healing sounds of the gong, our individual and collective vibrations align as one, with the sound of the universe, creating a vibration of pure love.

As you blissfully wander out of the shala you head to a lengthy and luxurious prana filled brunch, you let laughter and conversation flow and feel the organic Italian coffee working its magic on your day.  You can’t decide if you want to journal or read by the pool with the sun on your face, take a mindful walk to view the ancient frescos in the chapel or adventure further afield and get lost in the white hilltop alleyways and piazzas of Ostuni or dive off the cliffs and into the sea in hip Polignano.

In the Bhakti tradition of devotion, this week is all about love. We’ll be cultivating love in so many ways but always guided by the ancient sciences of yoga and Ayurveda and accompanied by the healing, loving waves of the gong.  These three elements combined gift us all the tools we need to love ourselves, others and the planet we walk upon, deeply and intensely so that we become, as love is, limitless and infinite in that way we live and love, in each and every moment. And yes dear one, you are loved, by the very fact that you exist, you are worthy of being loved completely.

There is no better feeling than that of being loved and knowing it, confidently, solidly, wholeheartedly.  Imagine waking up every day for an entire week in beautiful Italy, the country and culture that’s in love with love!

All you’ll receive from this lush retreat and more

  • Experiencing the ancient sister sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda woven magically together with the healing vibrations of the gong to place you into a state of divine and infinite love

  • Practicing yoga asana, pranayama and meditation in devotion to your own body, mind and spirit

  • Honouring Mother Nature with specially designed rituals to lift you into a state of awe and wonder

  • Creating your own personal love revolution with unique mantras, mudras and a transcendent Bhakti ceremony

  • Filling up on specially curated menus and food designed to nourish and love your body, treating is as the temple it is

  • Exploring incredible nature, ancient olive groves, winding walks, wild skies, sunrises and sunsets

  • Acquiring your unique portfolio of Ayurvedic and Yoga wisdom to support you to keep expanding love in your life

  • Letting yourself receive all that you need to feel filled up, strong, vibrant, rested and free and in a state of complete love

Donna Williams

September 2, 2023 5:30 pm CEST (European Summer Time)

September 9, 2023 9:00 am CEST (European Summer Time)

La Rosa dei 4 Venti


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