Trauma: Awareness, Healing & Prevention. Online Program

Trauma: Awareness, Healing & Prevention. Online Program

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Every single one of us has experienced

Trauma – in ways we don’t even realize. Some have experienced more Trauma than others and the truth is – there is a good chance we are going to experience more in the future.

Our world is experiencing more than one pandemic right now. Mental Health and Addictions are sky rocketing everywhere and every generation feels it at an earlier age.

There are two areas of focus in this program: HEALING and PREVENTION

Topics will include:

  1. Understanding Basic Human Needs
  2. Types of Trauma
  3. Human Behaviour
  4. Emotional Health
  5. Trauma Response
  6. Tools & Resources for Healing Trauma (includes meditations and Trauma Informed Yoga practices)
  7. Managing Triggers
  8. Supporting a family member with Trauma
  9. Grief/Unresolved Grief
  10. Addictions/Supporting family members with Addictions
  11. Additional support & resources and more!

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Kim Wilkinson

April 15, 2021 12:00 am Mnt




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