YogaNexus Fundraiser for Teachers

YogaNexus Fundraiser for Teachers

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We are raising money solely to help support our independent teachers gain more students.  The funding we raise will go specifically towards marketing our teachers classes, in an effort to expand their reach.

Executive Summary

YogaNexus LLC is an online-only yoga business focusing on building a community of incredible teachers from across the world. Our teachers remain independent contractors, allowing them the flexibility to grow their practice.
The purpose of generating funding is solely to invest in marketing channels to grow our student counts to ensure our teachers are successful.

Products and Services

Our products and services are entirely online. We currently offer group classes and private sessions. In the future, we will be adding group training sessions for instructors and a community gathering space where instructors and teachers can grow the community.

Our Vision

Our Vision at YogaNexus LLC is to build a worldwide presence in the online fitness world. We intend to achieve this by promoting our services through online marketing and through word-of-mouth dissemination from students who are attending our classes.

Our Mission

Online classes are popping up all over the internet. And unfortunately, too many of those online yoga classes leave us feeling alone, less than inspired, or even confused.
YogaNexus recreates the sense of community, belonging, and support that you love at your in-person yoga studio — but we do it online
Our two-way live-streamed classes mean that:
Teachers can see their students and communicate with them.
Students don’t have to wonder, “am I doing this right?”
And everyone feels seen, heard, and supported.
Our goal is community and connection through online yoga classes.

Market Analysis/Trends

The online fitness sector has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years, and this growth is predicted not to wane in the coming years. As a result of the growth, consumers are looking for online options that fit their needs for achieving their goals while having the flexibility to attend classes at anytime

Target Market

Our target market at YogaNexus LLC is broad, as yoga has now become mainstream from stay-at-home parents to NFL athletes. We will not be specifically focusing on any particular niche but will be open to all types of consumers.

Competitive Advantage

Our main competitive advantage over our competitors is that our teachers remain independent contractors, allowing them to control their offerings. In addition, online yoga itself does not require the same start-up costs as other popular home fitness offerings (Peloton, Mirror, etc)
Finally, at YogaNexus our priority is the full support of our teachers.
Sales and Marketing Strategies
The sales and marketing strategies to be deployed will include committing resources to ensure that our website always appears on the first page of search engines. This will be possible by enlisting IT professionals’ expert services that will ensure that the content on our websites is search engine optimized (SEO).
Also, links from strategic partners will be shared on all the social media platforms that will always link back to the website whenever they are clicked.

Publicity and Advert Strategies

The publicity and advert strategies to be deployed will include using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all other social media platforms that will advertise our services.

Sources of Income

Our primary sources of revenue will be solely from the teacher’s monthly payment, which gives the use of our site. Currently, we charge $39 a month, with additional tiered options deploying within the next 60 days.
Sales Projection
It is projected that we will experience impressive revenue growth within three years.

Payment Channels

Due to the nature of our business which is online-based, we will be using electronic means of payment for services. These include using cards (credit, debit, smart, etc), mobile banking, and electronic banking.

Sources of Funding

The beginning sources of funding for this business have come from the founder. All additional funding will come from our crowdfunding efforts, along with teacher acquisitions

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