Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can’t I View Opportunities / Jobs?

You must be logged in with a Passport membership to be able to search and connect with the jobs and opportunities. You can sign up for a Passport membership here:

How do I search and apply for the Opportunities / Jobs?

Log in with your Passport membership and go to Opportunities > Explore. You will then be able to search through the opportunities by chronological order or by entering specific search criteria.  When you click on an opportunity you would like to apply for or connect with, scroll to the bottom of the opportunity and click on “Apply for Job”. Some opportunity posters will also describe specific instructions.

What exactly is an Opportunity?

A Yoga Trade opportunity is an experience in which you can grow, learn, and share your yoga and wellness skills. It may be a paid professional job, a work exchange, a work study, a volunteer travel opportunity, a business opportunity, or a seasonal gig.

Why are there Opportunities that are not yoga teaching jobs?

At Yoga Trade, we envision a world made better through yoga-based exchanges that improve communities locally and globally.  These “living yoga” exchanges can be a wide variety of things that improve our personal growth and the overall wellness of our planet. Opportunities can be found for body work, health and nutrition, fitness instructors, mindful movements, students, sustainable living, wellness, and the yoga industry.

Who can POST an Opportunity?

Anyone can post an opportunity and the Yoga Trade team will make sure it is a legitimate opportunity before it gets published. Many people and organizations can benefit from posting opportunities on Yoga Trade; yoga studios, retreat centers, hotels, schools, ashrams, farms, sustainable living centers, and individuals. Learn more about the benefits of posting opportunities here:

How do I change or delete my Opportunity/Job listing?

Log in and go to My Account > My Job Listings.  Here you will be able to manage your opportunity listings and “Edit”, “Mark Filled”, or “Delete.”

Do I need to have specific qualifications to apply for Opportunities on Yoga Trade?

There are no standard requirements. Opportunity posters should explain in detail what qualifications they are looking for. Specific qualifications will be different for every opportunity.

Is connecting with international hosts and candidates on Yoga Trade safe?

Yoga Trade is a community built on trust, communication, and positive faith in humanity. Yoga Trade is a platform for people to connect. It is the responsibility of the host organization/opportunity poster and the applicants to communicate clearly and work out all the details of the trade. If someone is being inappropriate or causing safety concerns, you can click on the user’s profile and click on “Report User” or email us directly.

I lost my username and/or password, what do I do?

If you lost your username, you can also use the email address linked to your account to login.  If you lost your password, go to the bottom of the login page and click on “forgot your password?” and follow the prompts.

How do I change my profile information/photo and create a resume?

Log in, go to and go to My Account > Profile, then you will see the choices to “Edit” your profile information or “Change Your Profile Photo”.  On the right sidebar menu you will see Create a Resume.

How do I change my username?

Log in and go to My Account > Settings, here you will see Change Username.

How do I post an Event on Yoga Trade?

Posting events is free and accessible to Passport members.  Log in with your Passport membership and navigate to Events > Post a New Event on the main menu bar. 

Can I write for Yoga Trade?

Yoga Trade accepts submissions from all members! Become a Contributor and read our Article Guidelines here:

Are you hiring at Yoga Trade?

We are currently not hiring employees at Yoga Trade, but we are always interested in collaborating and forming relationships with inspiring people who have similar visions.  If you believe you can add value to the Yoga Trade community and are willing to work on a contract basis, drop us a line with your ideas.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Log in, and go to My Account > Membership Details. Here you will see the option to “Cancel Your Subscription”. If you paid with PayPal, you can also cancel your subscription payment directly through the Paypal website. 

How do I delete my Yoga Trade account?

Log in and go to My Account > Settings. Here you will see the option to  “Delete Account.”