Finding Peace with Positive Perspective

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain.”  Vivian Greene

DSC_0098Perspective is the lens thru which we view the world. Perception is extremely powerful and can change the way we all live our lives. We are blessed as human beings to have free will and the choice to perceive life how we would like to.

Many of us have probably been in a yoga class and have noticed our minds going unnecessary places. “This teacher is annoying me,” or “no, not this pose again!” or “this class seems to be going on forever,” are all thoughts that may sneak into our minds from time to time. Once we witness this happening, all we have to do is change the lens.

When we give ourselves permission to look at things in a different light we may find that enjoyment and relaxation can arrive easier.  By widening our perspective we give ourselves more choices.  As we allow there to be more choices and ways to look at things, this in turn allows us to become more flexible. Asking ourselves positive questions can allow us to become empowered. Become aware of the way you may be directing questions towards yourself;

Instead of asking a question such as,

“Why can’t I do this?”

Change the lens and instead ask the question,

“How CAN I do this?”

Getting over our fears of failure can be tough. But once we change our perspective to see “failures” as “positive lessons”, then we can continue to grow by challenging our comfort zones with positive and open hearts.  It is good to remember that we always get more of what we focus on in our life. Where our mind goes, energy flows, so directing the energy in an uplifting way is of tremendous benefit.

DSC_0236What do you believe about yourself and the world?

Choose a positive lens today and everyday, because YOU CAN.

When we feel joy, we find peace!


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