Give Your Face to Sunshine

Give your face to the sunshine and you will not see the shadows’, is an Aboriginal proverb I learned as a kid and always kept with me, but do I actually agree with this statement?


Without the shadows you could not step into sunshine, without the dark there will be no light, without the bad how can you really see and appreciate what is good?


It is not wise to continuously chase the shinning sequined tail of the fire dragon of good times. Being able to deal with and move through the dips and lows, helps bring balance to life.


There are things to be gained from negative feelings and moments, there is energy to be shifted, it is as much of a part of life’s practice as anything else.


When you feel low you close yourself off to the world and your loved ones; this is a downward spiral, allowing no light in to nurture and love the demon that needs attention.



The beauty of the day is turquoise with diamonds sparkling in the sea and sand, butterflies floating of a soft breeze, the warmth of the sun gives life and creative flare. Night draws in and the days nature sleeps, out come the bugs, the spiders and creepy crawlies, the frantic flapping bat, the moths and roaches all drawn to the artificial lights of porch and street bulbs.

Why are we scared of the dark? Why does the black of the unknown fill us with fear? What if you look through this black and acclimatize your eyes to the shades of the deep colors and silhouettes, what else can you see?

The yin moon beams giving guidance to dark places.….on the other side of panic I know there is calm and beauty.

So yes, give yourself to sunshine and you will not see the shadows but know that they are there and even if you turn around it will be okay to look into them while feeling the sun on your back.


Hannah Goodman is a yoga teacher from Cornwall.  She is currently traveling in Indonesia. 

“Not all those who wander are lost.”
– J.R.R. Tolkien
“Not all those who are lost wander.”
– Hannah Goodman

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