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  • Customize Your Profile

    To begin interacting with the Yoga Trade community, please take a moment to customize your profile. This is an important step as it will help others know who you are and what you’re about when posting or responding to new opportunities.

    To begin customizing your profile, click on My Path on the main menu bar at the top right of your screen. With your account information open, click on Profile. Within your Profile you can easily edit both your information and picture (also known as an avatar). Make sure to include any important details about your skill set, or organization, interests, etc. Photos and profile information should not contain any explicit material.

  • Explore Opportunities

    Once you have finished customizing your profile, you’re ready to find and respond to new opportunities. Begin by clicking Opportunities > Explore within the main menu navigation. Opportunities are listed with the most recent located at the top. Use the search field to narrow results. Please note, responding to opportunities requires a Yoga Trade Passport subscription. If you haven’t already, upgrade your account below to connect directly with employer and host organizations.

  • Respond to Opportunities

    When you’ve found a new opportunity you can apply for the job by clicking on the link at the bottom of the post. An application form will put you in direct contact with the host or employer. You can easily attach your resume here as well.

  • Post New Opportunities & Events

    If you are an organization or individual with a new opportunity or event listing, you can post to the Yoga Trade site by either clicking on Opportunites > Add New Opportunity in the main menu navigation or by clicking on Events > Add New Event also in the main menu navigation. Posts should be clearly stated and always have an associated image. Do not hesitate to upload larger photos, our site will automatically resize and format your image to fit the post template.

    When users express interest in your post you will be notified by both email and when you next log into your account.