Yoga Trade Travel Teacher Spotlight

Jake White is a Mixed Movement Artist, Yoga Teacher, and Graphic Designer. His time is spent traveling the world in search of adventure, opportunities of growth, and sharing his love for movement. Driven by his thirst for knowledge, and thriving on challenges he meets, Jake continues on his path, taking each new opportunity as it comes.

With his insatiable desire to constantly grow and adapt in this ever expanding field, Jake’s teachings are constantly evolving and growing in exponential ways. He views yoga as an opportunity for self discovery, both emotionally and physically. His goal as a teacher is to provide an accessible and transformative environment for everyone to explore their innermost self. Unique to his teachings, Jake places his importance on the journey (transitions) of each pose rather than the destination (pose) itself. Jake’s teachings are relevant both on and off the mat, the primary focus of his teachings encompass the development of physical prowess, higher emotional intelligence, and good character.

Jake has traveled to over 30 countries sharing his passion for yoga and movement! With his Laptop in his backpack, he endeavors to find a balance between his love for design and creativity, with his love for movement and teaching. He has a number of adventures at the start of this year, he will begin by motorbiking through India, starting in the south making his way all the way up Delhi. In March, he will then continue his education attending the Bryce 300h Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand. As the summer arrives, Jake will be Co-hosting multiple retreats around the world including Bali and Fiji. Finally, Jake will be making his way back to Miami to continue his Budokon training in August.

The adventures don’t end there forJake. Plans for the latter part of the year are already being put in place, and it’s sure to be an exciting time – as always combining his love of mixed movement arts and design. To keep up to speed with Jake and his adventures, be sure to follow him on his Instagram account, and also via his blog on his website.


Instagram: @jake_paul_white

Design Website: jakepaulwhite.com

Yoga Website: jpwyoga.com