Jenna Davi

Yoga Trade Travel Rep! January 2016

We’re stoked to have Jenna Davi out there spreading the word this month!

Jenna is a performing artist, yogini, avid surfer and lover of life.

Earlier in 2015 she was the resident yoga teacher at Encanta la Vida in Costa Rica where she taught yoga with the monkeys and spent most of her time surfing when she wasn’t teaching. She recently became Thai Yoga Bodywork Certified and loves incorporating assisted stretching in her classes.

In 2016 she will be traveling through South East Asia to chase waves and further her training in Chakra Healing. She is excited to share her new knowledge from the Chakra Training and give more meaningful and healing practices/classes. She will begin her second Yoga Trade later in 2016 with Matanivusi Surf Resort.

Jenna loves to laugh and share her passion of healthy living with others. Stay in touch:

Instagram: JennasAdventures

Fun Facts:

-She studied Opera in Vienna, Austria for a year

-She found her first gray hair the day Michael Jackson died

-Her favorite animal is a fox

– In the movie ‘5 Year Engagement’ with Jason Segel and Emily Blunt, there is a scene where the Best Man shows pictures of Jason Segel ex-girlfriends. She is the one with the horse!