Jungle Soul Mama

Jungle Soul Mama

I met Blakely Stein ‘jungle soul mama’ in Costa Rica many moons ago, and have been fortunate to be a witness to her growth and transformation over the years. From seeing her host community food events, to her elegant progression in surfing, to creating a successful boutique hotel business, and becoming a MOTHER, she inspires with grace and radiance. We catch up with Blakely here to share a peek into her story and to learn about her new and exciting offerings!

Tell us a little about yourself and your path…

My path continues to unfold in the most unexpected but profoundly beautiful ways. I feel grateful for every twist and turn, as it has brought me to this present moment. I truly believe our mission in this lifetime is already determined, it takes time to authentically show up and step into our true voice and calling. A gift and passion of mine is to work with homegrown, local and vibrant foods to create healing and delicious foods that leave you inspired and nourished. My food journey started at an early age cooking with my mama. I always loved to seek out healthier versions of foods and experience different cuisines and cultures. I had a catering business in college, then pursued a culinary arts degree at the French Culinary Institute in New York City. I then worked the line at Scarpetta in NYC, and ended up opening a catering business and medical marijuana dispensary in Telluride, Colorado. 

While catering a big event, I won a surf trip to Costa Rica, which changed my life forever. In my beginning years, I worked and lived at Zwart Cafe in Santa Teresa, then took a yoga teacher training, which later led to a chef position at Danyasa in Dominical. Years later I landed in the town of Pavones where I spent the last ten years in this breathtaking gorgeous slice of heaven with world class waves and pristine nature. I met some of the most powerful and unique individuals there where the dirt road meets the ocean. I birthed my two babies at home and raised my blessed son for over eight years. I owned and managed a bed and breakfast / farm estate on the ocean for the last eight years. Due to personal circumstances, I had to leave the jungle with my two younger children last February. We are living in Florida now, close to family, starting over, healing and birthing dreams into reality one day at a time. 

These are my life experiences, but they do not define me. I am constantly evolving into the best version of myself empowering other women to do the same. I have recently birthed Jungle Soul Mama, a platform to inspire and empower women to let go of what no longer serves their highest self and health, to transform and revitalize their lives through food, movement, rituals, plant medicines and deep wisdom from teachers around the world. 

What has been one of your biggest turning points on your healing journey?

No matter how many cleanses, detoxes, diets, exercise, gadgets, therapy, plant medicines that you try, nothing will heal your body and soul  if you don’t address and acknowledge the deeper problems in your life. From my own experience, I struggled with autoimmune, skin issues, constant bacterial infections, depression, and anxiety that continued to haunt me. The moment I acknowledged what wasn’t working and removed myself and my kids from a toxic situation I began to heal. The modalities that I teach and believe in began to transform my health both mentally and physically. Healing is not a one stop shop, it takes daily dedication and consistency. I feel grateful to be on the path and stoked to share my story with others in hopes to inspire their own healing journey. 

What are the 5 pillars of Jungle Soul Mama?

Vibrant Soul Food: I create vibrant soul food for my family, friends and clients; inspired, homegrown, delicious and super nutritious meals that bring life and healing to the body and soul. I believe preparing food with a loving presence and knowledge of where it’s coming from completely enlivens the experience of nourishment.

Soulful Motherhood: Soulful motherhood empowers us to tap into our inner strength, to find balance throughout our days, to embody peace in the chaos, to embrace vulnerability, humbly accept the twists and turns of the unknown, and always celebrate the beautiful magic woven through it all. When we dive into the soul of motherhood, we learn to face our daily challenges and fears with powerful tools that allow us to tap into our intuitive primal warrior spirit and also to  listen and utilize ancient wisdom from our ancestors.

Feminine Soul Wisdom: For the female-bodied, our wombs connect us with the strength and wisdom of the wild feminine ways. Remembering and acknowledging our nature is essential for transformation and expression of our passions and gifts. Taking time to listen and follow the instinctual awareness of our womanhood is the balance needed to bring harmony back to our world. I offer tools to connect with the wild feminine inside that awaken and guide us on the journey of becoming who we are.

Earth Soul Medicine: When we establish a personal relationship to the plants we use and put in our body, there is greater potential for deeper healing and health. Learning the properties and characteristics of plants and how to use them most effectively opens channels of deep knowing and communication between us and the plant’s intelligence. Earth Soul Medicine will introduce you to plant teachers around the world so you can start knowing the benefits and healing yourself through ceremony, diving deeper into the evolutionary tools, getting your hands in the dirt, and bringing in plant allies into your daily routine. 

Soulful Movement: Daily movement is a critical part of our healing and empowerment. Being in the body allows us to access the present moment, connect to our strength, and feel peace throughout our days. Your body is the vehicle for your soul to awaken and thrive. Waking up the body and using movement as medicine is essential to open the channels of creativity and whole health. I believe there is no one way to move our bodies. Creating diversity in your soulful movement practice is essential for balance. Changing the way we move and exercise keeps the body’s intelligence stimulated and growing.

Each of these pillars open pathways of learning and growth by embodying the soul of the elements that make up our lives. The feeling of wholeness and vitality come from trying new things and making mistakes until we find the remedy that works for us. Through these five pillars of support, I customize recipes, movement practices, self care rituals, mothering tips, and knowledge of the natural world to help you craft a routine that works best for you.

Can you share some simple tips on mindful eating practices?

As a busy single mama, I have to remind myself to enjoy my food when I’m NOT running from one thing to the next. For our minds and bodies to register and utilize our foods, it’s best not to eat when we are stressed and/or standing. My doula for both of my births watched me standing and snacking one day. She said, “Blakely, sit down, eat like a queen and truly nourish your body.” Stopping for even ten minutes to breathe, sitting down and blessing your food is profound. 

If you could say one sentence to every mama in the world, what would it be?

A dear sister of mine Dancing Sassy Blossom always says, “Honey, sometimes you got to say, fuck it and step over it, those dishes, laundry and work can wait…go be with those beautiful kiddos of yours.” The never ending list will always be there, the moments are fleeting, you want to remember the special moment, not the pristine house or job promotions. 

How are you currently spending your days?

I am raising my children, building my business, surfing, dancing, cooking, and playing with my wild jungle babes.  

Who and what inspires you most right now? 

My children, Kailana and Kaimartin. Their resilience and courage to adapt to a new life with a beaming positivity and curiosity inspires me deeply. Mama ocean and nature always brings me back to my core self, inspiring my creativity and an inner and outer strength like no other. 

Anything else you would like to share…

Remember who you are, but always open the door to new possibilities of ways of being. There is no manuscript or table of contents to this life. Flow with the wind, ground with the sun, and be inspired by the water. 

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you all. Please visit my website HERE for more information and offerings. 

I am launching an online Soul Revival Journey on January 10th, 2022: 

Join us for an awakening and guided 3 week immersion to reclaim the best version of yourself. Gain the tools, confidence, and strength to step into a new way of being and healing.

IG: @jungle_soul_mama

Photography: @alizejireh

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