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Lakey Peterson is one of the world’s leading female surfers. Beyond being a superior athlete, she also has passionate commitments to community and helping the planet. Here Lakey shares some of her insights on wellness, the environment, and what inspires her most. Thanks for taking time to share and for being YOU Lakey!     

How do you think all athletes can benefit from a yoga practice?

I think yoga is such a great way to slow down your mind. Often times as an athlete you are doing so many things in a day from training, interviews, emails, watching footage, surfing (or whatever sport you do) that you forget to just take a moment and breathe. The mind is so powerful and I find in yoga I always finish a class with a clear head and ready to go again.

Do you have a meditation or visualization practice? How does it help your surfing?

Yes! I think that meditation and visualization are so powerful. Your mind is strong and you have to exercise it like the rest of your body.

Advice on how to stay grounded and healthy while traveling?

After you fly always do some form of exercise. You need to get your blood pumping and sweat out everything. Also, bring your own food on the plane. I never eat plane food. I bring an avocado, apple, nuts and drink a crazy amount of water.

Any insights on how we can all serve the greater good of humanity and the environment?

We really need to be aware of how much plastic we use. It is the biggest issue in today’s world. Start using your own coffee cup in the morning, bring your own forks and knives so you don’t need to use plastic ones, and try to challenge yourself to not buy anything in plastic at the supermarket. Its nearly impossible but really eye opening. Also, when you are out and about pick up five or more pieces of trash every time. All of these things add up, get involved and spread the word. It’s a team effort!

“We really need to be aware of how much plastic we use.”

Tell us about your vision at The Salty Coconut

Its really been a fun project for me. I just want to inspire people to be healthy! It makes life so much better and brings so much happiness to people. So that’s really why I started it. Right now I am really focused on my surfing career and the last 6 months I have realized how much I want to put all my eggs in that basket. So I am actually at a bit of a standstill with the site, but will be a big focus of mine in the future!

Who have been your greatest life teachers? What inspires you most?

My mom probably. She has a pretty crazy life story and she is still so strong! She always does the right thing. I really think she has taught me the most in life and inspires me a lot.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I’ll be 31! Thats crazy! Haha…By that point, I want to have a family. I still will surf for fun of course and hopefully be involved with the industry in some way. I would love to be working a ton with The Salty Coconut then as well, and hopefully building my business in that way and inspiring others.
Lakey’s interests not only lie with surfing. She is an all-around athlete and deeply committed philanthropist, connected to several non-profits that serve the greater good of humanity and the environment. She has raised funds for H4O (Hands4Others) and lakey5worked hands-on in the implementation of their clean water systems in 3rd-World countries. She sits on the Advisory Board for Ocean Lovers Collective and is a spokesperson for the SCA (Student Conservation Association), which is the largest volunteer organization for students in high school and college, to help keep our national parks and trails pristine. Lakey is also deeply passionate about raising awareness and money for children’s cancer and is connected to several children’s hospitals in Southern California. Lakey also has her own yearly surf contest for young kids in her hometown of Santa Barbara, CA. She wanted to be able to give kids a chance to experience the ocean from a young age and have a fun day at the beach with family and friends. Last year, close to 250 kids came to the event, with the goal for more and more to attend each year.


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