Sandra Grundstoff

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Victoria Clausen

My name is Victoria, 20 years old. I have just finished my 200 hours yoga teacher training from the peaceful warriors in Bali. I love to practice yoga everyday and looking for a job . . . This content is restricted to subscribers

Katrine May Hansen

Hi, I’m Katrine I’m grown up, generally happy and easy going, responsible and experienced. I’m a counselor with +20 years experience and specializing in mental health, trauma and spirituality. Other qualifications: body therapist, reiki master, master coach, yoga teacher, body work teacher, travel guide, chef . . . This content…

Fie Louise Rancke-Madsen

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Volunteer with Farming and Gardening skills

Do you love plants and everything vegetables? Are you a passionate for vegetables growth, have you ever wanted to start your own little farm? We are launching our Surf and Yoga Camp this year in Portugal and we are looking for a volunteer with some farm and gardening skills to…

Camilla Abildgaard

I am working independently as a yoga teacher, reiki healer and feminin embodiment coach. I have been an entrepreneur for almost 20 years. I am highly skilled in organization, management, group-facilitation and coaching – all of wich lies within my “old” career as a leadership consultant. I started doing yoga in…

Jonny Bates

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Weronika Anna Gesciak

My name is Weronika. For the past 8 years I lived in Scandinavian and Nordic countries, currently situated in the heart of Denmark, Copenhagen. Yoga is my passion, and I’ve been working as a yoga teacher for a year now. Before that I graduated with a Master Degree in food…

Amalie Scheel

I have a 200 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training certified by Yoga Alliance. I did my training in Ubud, Bali.

Laura Harringto kjeldgaard

Im a 23 year Old yoga teacher and photographer who is currently travelling around Central America on unlimited time. I have been teaching yoga for a year and been working with photography for 4-5 years now (own projects + assist other photographers).   I am very into surfing, yoga and…

Flora Goupil

I am selvemployed yogateacher and bodyterapist. I am french and danish. I work from my home, in the coutryside . . . This content is restricted to subscribers

Sofia Centre

Hi I’m Sofia! A photographer, videographer and social media expert who focuses on holistic health. I’m currently based in Australia where I’m looking for my next project. I’ve always been interested in health, from doing gymnastics and acro from a young age to later dig deeper into nutrition, plant based…

Aline Nowacki

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Aldísa Hákonardóttir

Hi My name is Aldís Thea and I  finished my YTT 200hr in November 2022. I really want to explore what I can do with my teaching and teach somewhere around the world. I am 19 years old and currently live in Iceland. I did my training in Copenhagen in…

Cecilie Hansen

I am a joyful and passionate teacher and forever student of yoga. I love everything that yoga has to offer and it is an honor for me when I get to share it with other people. I first stumbled upon yoga roughly 8 years ago but my love for it…

Terese Henriksen

Hi I’m Terese . . . This content is restricted to subscribers

Amalie Rasmussen

Hi 😊✨ I’m a yoga teacher certified by Yoga Alliance. I teach in both Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga. I’ve done yoga for 5 years, both in Denmark, Bali, France, Uganda. I do 1:1, groups and corporate yoga. I personalize the practise to your needs. Flexible with time and place(online or not). I…

Malou Saga

7 years of experience in holding space for healing and transformation through yoga classes, libertins dance and energy work, 1:1 mentorships, workshops, holistic lifestyle and self-healing courses, 1:1 healing embodiment, circles and ceremonies. My first teacher is life and experiences my lessons. This is where I receive wisdom and inspiration….

Natascha Vejen Henriksen

I’m a freelancer and yoga teacher living in Barcelona . . . This content is restricted to subscribers

Yoga Instructor For Development Of Holistic Project

For more than a decade, I have been promoting a social project with an emphasis on the development of cognitive abilities based on the spiritual and energetic healing tradition of ancient Andean cultures. I am currently in the advanced process of implementing an alternative center of knowledge, research and development…

Tora Bjørnevaagen

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