Joelle Sevigny
amelie bigras

Hi there I just completed my 200 YTT yoga in Guatemala, I am a Naturopath student, and have certification in nutrition, Well being it’s more than a passion it’s a life style that I want to share and discover with others beautiful soul.

Alessandra Gnoato
Alissa Roller
Elisa De Freitas

Hi everyone,  What to say about me ? I’m soul traveler since 10 years now, I get the opportunity to live in 10 differents countries. I done more than 20 differents jobs and I travel into 35 countries. So you can imagine that I’m very flexible and I can adapt…

Melanie Gramer

Inspiring people to personal growth is my passion. With more than 10 years of experience working successfully as an independent psychologist and breath based Hatha Yoga Instructor I have a broad vision of different psychological and physical struggles, how they are interrelated and how ease and joy can grow out…

Camille Fourrier

Camille have met the practice of Hatha Yoga since teenage years. Trained in the traditional way during several years by the side of a master and one teacher. Engaged in the understanding of the being and human being, Camille has followed a Tantra training which permits her to learn tools…

Cece Minx B.

Hiii ! My name is Cece also known as Yogi Minx and I love to travel spreading health and wealth where ever life takes me. I am currently a private Yoga instructor open to meeting new clients and become part of a like- minded community. 

Yohan Campo

Hello, I am new here and would love to discover more

Joanna Maag

I’m 27 years old and I love yoga, surfing and dancing. I’m a primary school teacher and I started teaching ashtangavinyasa-yoga in 2022.

Anaëlle de Kermadec

Hello, I’m Anaëlle, currently a traveler, musician, yoga teacher and retreat organiser. I am looking for a new opportunity as a Retreat Center Manager from September/October 2023 onwards. I recently co-organized and led a wellness retreat around holistic wellness, raw vegan diet, sound healing and yoga that took place in…

Bri Moriello

to complete

Janya Cottavoz

Yoga Teacher, Ayurveda Therapist and Love Coach – I am an authentic, engaged and “a bit out there” woman whose mission is to raise awareness and connect beings to their pure essence. Through a compassionate and powerful Tantric Hatha Yoga approach, we aim to release blockages at the roots of…

Sophie Hascher

Msc in neuroscience & psychology languages: French, English & German

Emma Muyshondt
magali gibourdel

Visual merchandiser / Window dresser / Decorator / Cultural mediator / Painter / But not only. I am a free electron. • Creative, curious, I am eager for discoveries, innovation s. I do Laochi care. I organize painting workshops for children and adults. I love creation because I am a…

Flora Goupil

I am selvemployed yogateacher and bodyterapist. I am french and danish. I work from my home, in the coutryside.

Matthieu Zeials

Co-founder Palma coliving

Aline Nowacki
Joni Price
Yoga Teacher Volunteer EN/FR

Looking for a Yoga Teacher (M/W) for 2-4 weeks voluntaring in Brussels, in our Holistic Studio. 10-12hours a week Yoga Style : Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Power, Ashtanga, Rocket – ALL GOOD, we are very open ! You will have at least for 2 weeks an entire appartment for yourself alone…

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