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In Sabina

​In Sabina Retreat | A haven of repose and revival,​ ​for gatherings, spiritual practice,​ ​yoga and the arts In a lush, enchanting valley​ ​Giulia welcomes groups and gatherings​ ​to revive and replenish​ ​in tranquil surroundings,​ ​to absorb the healing energy​ ​of this magical landscape,​ ​and to bask in the unique creative…

Lakshmi Rising

We are the change that the world is finally ready for. We are the future. We invite you to join us. The Lakshmi Rising community is a circle of seekers, educators, healers, wellness warriors, spiritual geeks, artists, and fellow humans who have accepted the mission of making the earth a…

Yoga Trade Membership

Connect with worldwide wellness opportunities and transformative ways to travel, work, live, and learn.


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