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In Sabina

​In Sabina Retreat | A haven of repose and revival,​ ​for gatherings, spiritual practice,​ ​yoga and the arts In a lush, enchanting valley​ ​Giulia welcomes groups and gatherings​ ​to revive and replenish​ ​in tranquil surroundings,​ ​to absorb the healing energy​ ​of this magical landscape,​ ​and to bask in the unique creative…

SoulTribe Yoga Retreats and Online Platform

Online Platform: We offer regular livestream classes, a variety of 28 day immerse online courses, teacher trainings and an awesome yoga-on-demand platform featuring over 200 hours of classes from vinaysa to yin and everything in between. Retreats: From the rice fields of Bali to to beaches of South India, the…

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